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Guru Nanak Dev Ji – and his preachings (Conclusion)

Why does God himself Help his Devotees

Once a King in India went to Guru Nanak Dev ji and asked,” O Guru! As you told us that God himself supports His true worshiper, but God has so many apostles, why does he support his devotees himself? Why does he not send his apostles to help his devotees?” As he said this, his own son who was playing near the river bank slipped into the river. The King didn’t waited for a second and jumped into the river to save his child. After saving his child he returned back to the Guru. The Guru asked,” My dear friend, a minute ago you were sitting here with me. Why did you jump into the river.” The King explained, ”my son had slipped into the river. And I had gone to save my child.” Then Guru asked,” You have so many servants, why didn’t you directed them to jump into the water? Why you took the step forward to save your child?” The king replied, ” he is my son and I didn’t want to take any chances. I could do anything to protect my child.” Guru ji then replied,” In the same way God loves his devotees as you love your child. That’s why he himself saves his true worshipper.”

Guru Ji went into ” smadhi state”. This lasted for 22 days, no food, no water, continuous.

One day Guru ji was singing praises of Almighty God, while Mardana was playing his rubarb, as usual. But than Bhai Mardana Ji played such a musical note in such a way, Guru Ji went into ”smadhi”, which lasted for 22 days. After 22nd day  Bhai Mardana grabbed Guru ji’s feet and Guru ji then asked ,”why did you stopped playing rubarb?” Bhai Mardana replied, ” Babaji you are feeding on my music and keertan but what about me?”  You left me hungry. ” You were reading banni.” Guru ji said,” how could you be hungry?”

”But Guru ji I remained hungry for your soft priceless bachans which touch my ears. Give me blessings so I can have darshan of your open eyes. Give me one of your priceless bachans and then I will carry with the kirtan as long as you like.” Can’t get love between a singer and an instrument player!

Here I end my series on the preaching of Almighty Guru Nanak Dev ji. Wish to know if the readers would like to know about the preaching of other Gurus too. 

The purpose for sharing the series was that I wish the society is awakened from the false sleep and look around the world beyond the false barriers made by humans. God never created evil thoughts and traditions. It’s the humans who have moulded the religion and traditions according to their own convenience.

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34 thoughts on “Guru Nanak Dev Ji – and his preachings (Conclusion)

  1. Yes its all one. And Guru Nanak Ji is a living legend for that fact. I am not a sikh but His preechings simply charm meπŸ™
    Can u share lyrics of some of his Kirtan Shabd like ””naam khumari nanaka chadi rahe din raen”

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  2. Mankind is consumed by “want” and negative choice. Mankind makes negative choices and then expects God to ‘help’. When “help” is not received the way we expect it to be……”we then say God has abandoned us” God is always with us………We are part of him and all Creation. When we make the positive choice, God with all the power in the universe works with YOU. Thank You for sharing and shining Your beautiful light on humanity……….Have a beautiful journery

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  3. Mai Sikkh nahi magar sabhi dharmo ka aadar kartaa hun…..aapne guru Nanak dev ji kaa bahut hi sundar varnan kiyaa hai….bahut kuchh yahan samajhne ko milaa…..Ye kahani bhi behtarin aur anmol hai jo padhne ko mila..

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