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Guru Nanak Dev ji – and his preachings (contd)

Story Of Kauda the Cannial

During one of the mission to enlighten people, Guru Nanak Dev ji travelled a great distance to the wilderness of Assam with his companions, Bala and Mardana. Mardana was very tired and hungry, so he sat under the tree. After sometime Mardana went to get something to eat. On his way he met Kauda, the cannibal. Kauda took Mardana by surprise  and tied his hand and foot and carried him to the spot where he had kept a big pan full of oil for frying flesh of his victims. Kauda started to lighten his pan. When Mardana saw Kauda preparing to butcher him, he was very frightened and started praying to Guru Ji for help. The all-knowing Guru ji realized what was happening to Mardana. He started moving towards Kauda’s place to help Mardana.When Guruji arrived, Kauda got completely bewildered and tied Guru ji as well.  He than lit the fire and within minutes the oil was burning hot. Guru Nanak Dev ji said he wants to be the first one to be fried. Kauda was surprised and astonished as nobody had said like this before. As a routine Kauda carried Guru ji and lifted Guru ji to put him on the pan. When Guru ji feet touched the oil it became cold as ice. Kauda realized Guru ji was not an ordinary person. Guru ji looked with compassion towards the Kauda and said,” Kauda, Do you even realize what are you doing. Would you cast yourself in burning fire of hell?”

Kauda whose conscience was death with heinous crime was overwhelmed with repentance. The gracious God made him realized his mistake who than fell on the feet of Guru ji and asked for mercy. The Guru ji asked him to meditate and devote himself to the God .

Wali Qandhari, The arrogant priest.

After travelling through Middle East and many countries, the Guru reached a place called Hassan Abdal. It is about 50 Km from Rawalpindi in Pakistan. Guru Ji stayed at Hassan Abdal near the foothills. People came to know about Guru Ji and began to gather around him. Guru ji talked to them about God. He told them about the greatness of God and his creation. Their was a Muslim priest who lived on the Top of a Hill. His name was Bawa Wali Qandhari. His house was near a spring  of fresh water. The water flowed down to the town from the top of the hill near Wali’s house. The spring was the only source of water for the town. People relied on the Spring to carry their basic needs. Wali Qandhari was an arrogant person.  When he saw people gathering around Guru Ji instead of his place, he became very jealous and angry. He stopped the spring water flowing down to the town. The people became frustrated. How could they and their cattle live without water? A group of people went to Qandhari and begged him, to let the water flow down like before. Bawa Wali Qandhari in full anger said, ” Go to your Guru, the one you visit everyday and ask him for water.” The people went to Guru Ji and told him the whole story. Guru ji told,” Don’t lose hope and keep faith on God. God will not let you die in thirst.” Guru Ji than asked Bhai Mardana to go and appeal to Bawa Wali Qandhari and request him to let the water flow down to the town. When bhai Mardhana went on the top of the hill, Qandhari shouted angrily,” Go back to your Guru and ask him to give water to the people.” Bhai Mardana went back and told Guru Ji the whole story. The Guru sent Mardana again and he returned back with the same story. People became more frustrated. The Guru ji told people to have faith on God and don’t lose hope. Let us all pray to God. Than Guru ji lifted the stone and at once the stream began to flow from the place where  the stone was placed. At the same time, Bawa Wali Qandhari’s spring dried up. He was filled with anger and pushed a large rock from the top of the hill towards the Guru. Qandhari thought this would crush the Guru. But Guru ji  raised his hand and stopped the rock. The instance imprinted the Guru ji’s hand on the rock. Qandhari’s pride was broken. He came down and fell at Guru’s feet. Guru ji raised him and told to live life as devotees and be kind and share the things of god with people. The Rock still exists and there is a beautiful gurdwara at that place called the Panja Sahib.

Realization of offering Water to Ancestors at Haridwar

Haridwar is one of the Hindu pilgrimages situated on the bank of river Ganges. As the sun comes out in the morning, people start throwing water with their hands towards the sun from the river. When Guru Nanak Dev ji visited Haridwar, he asked people as to what they are doing. A priest replied,”  We are offering water to our dead ancestors in the region of Sun to quench their thirst.”  Upon this, Guru started throwing water towards west. People were astonished to see this and asked Guru ji what he was doing. The Guru replied, ” I am watering my fields in Punjab.” The priest asked,” How can the water reach to your fields which are at such a distance?” Than Guru ji asked the priest ,” How far are your ancestors?” The priest replied, ” In the other world.”

Than Guru ji replied,” if the water cannot reach my fields which are about 400 km away from  here, then how can they reach your ancestors which are not even on this earth?” The crowd stood dumb and realised how fake their belief was. Guru ji preached people against false superstitions, false rituals, worship of demi- gods and goddesses.He stressed that there is only one God. There is a gurdwara called Nanakwara in Haridwar on the banks of the river Ganges where Guru Nanak ji stayed on his visit to Haridwar.

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  1. I think, you are doing specialisation on Him. Great post and great initiative. Sometime in the wave of modernity, our foundations also shakes. It’s important to look towards the foundation of ones existence.

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