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Guru Nanak Dev ji – and his preachings!!!

Guru Nanak Dev ji, the Traveller

Nanak immersed himself fully in meditation. He seldom spoke to anyone and  had quited his job. He gave away all of his personal belongings to the poor. He made living arrangements for his wife and sons, and then left town with his spiritual companion Mardana, They became wandering minstrels. Mardana played a stringed instrument called a rebab and accompanied  Nanak, when he sang his poetic compositions. They embarked on series of Udhasi mission tours and traveled together for preaching and teaching that there is only one God. There is no Hindu. There is no Muslim. There is only one brotherhood of Humanity.

Guru Nanak Dev ji’s father once sent Guru Nanak Dev ji to graze buffaloes in the pastures

Guru Nanak Dev ji’s father once sent Guru Nanak Dev ji to graze buffaloes in the pastures. While grazing buffaloes, Guru Nanak Dev ji sat under a tree and started meditating on God. Meanwhile, the herd of buffaloes went to the neighboring farmer’s field and destroyed his crop.  The farmer saw his crops getting damaged and became furious and complained with Rai Bular the officer in charge of that area. Rai Bular came to inspect the fields and was astonished to see that there was no damage done to the crops, rather the crops were blossoming. The place at which the miracle took place, is known as Kiara Sahib.

Rai Bular then touched the Guru’s feet in great reverence and thus became his disciple.

On another occasion, Guru Nanak Dev ji, was sent to graze the buffaloes in the pastures and he fell asleep under the shade of a tree. As the sun rose higher the shadow moved away. The rays of the hot summer began to fall on Guru Nanak Dev ji’s face.  A big Cobra came at that place and provided the shadow with its hood over the face of the Divine Master. Rai Bular was going through that area with his attendants and saw this strange scene and was convinced that Guru Nanak Dev ji is not an ordinary person. God had sent him to this world and he touched the Guru’s feet in great reverence and thus became his disciple.

Bhai Lalo and Malik Bhago

Guru Nanak Dev ji travelled to many places, including Saidpur now known as Eminabad. Before Guru ji arrived at Saidpur, the word had spread all over the city that a holy man is going to visit the city. Malik Bhago was the chief of the city. He was corrupt person and earned lot of money through unfair means. He would charge an extra tax from the poor farmers and would take most of their crops, leaving them hungry. He had become wealthy by taking the belongings of other people. When Malik heard the news of Guru ji’s arrival he started making arrangements for Guru ji to stay at his house. When Guru ji reached Saidpur he knocked the door of a poor carpenter named Lalo and chose to stay at his house for sometime as guest. Lalo served Guru ji with little food what he could afford with love. When Malik Bhago heard that Guru ji was staying at Lalo, he made a big gathering and invited Guru ji at his place. But Guru ji refused his invitation.

At this Malik became very angry and forced Guru ji to pay visit at is house. Two guards were sent to escort Guru ji. Guru Nanak Dev ji visited the place , Malik said, ” O holy man, have prepared so many dishes for you but you were staying at poor carpenter’s house and was having dry bread. Why ?” The Guru replied,  ”I cannot eat your food because you have earned your bread through unfair means, while  Lalo’s bread is made through hard-earned money.”

Malik Bago got angry and asked Guru Ji to prove his point. Guru Nanak Dev ji asked for Lalo’s dry bread  from his house. In one hand Guru ji had Lalo’s bread and in other hand Bago’s bread. Than Guru Ji squeezed both the breads with his hands. Milk dripped out from Lalo’s bread while blood dripped from Bago’s bread. Malik Bago was completely shaken by the guilt and asked Guru ji for the forgiveness. Guru ji asked Bago to give all his money earned through un fair means amongst the poor and live an honest life. Hence, from then Bago led an honest life.

Story of Sajjan Rogue 

During one of the journeys, Guru Nanak Dev ji met a Rogue named Sajjan. Sajjan always wore white dress, displayed his rosary beads and hence posed to be a holy man. He had built a Hindu Temple and a Mosque for the Muslims at the courtyard of his residence. He would invite travellers to his residence to rest for the night. During the night he would kill the travellers and would take away their goods and money. He had a well near his house where he used to dump the body of the travellers he used to kill.

Guru Nanak Dev ji arrived at his place and stayed with him for the night. At night Guru ji did not go to bed, which made Sajjan nervous as he was not able to do his mischief act. Sajjan asked Guru ji to take rest and sleep but Nanak ji replied,”God’s minstrel do not go to sleep till god sends word that he should take rest.”  Than Guru asked Mardana to play the rebec and he sang ,

” Houses mansions, places painted all sides are left hallow when their breath stops. You posses wealth and assets, nothing shall go along with you in the end except the sins you commit. You call yourself clever and smart but you are unaware of the fact that you can perish in a moment. You have not remembered God. You are completely drenched in money. You have not loved the one who gave you the body and breath. When the death comes, you shall tremble helplessly.  Have you sung the praises of God, who would support you during the time of your death.”

When Sajjan listened to the divine song he realized Guru ji words were actually addressed to him. On hearing this he fell on Guru ji’s feet and prayed him to pardon his sins. Guru ji said,” Sajjan in the Sovereignty of God, grace is obtained by two things, open confession and reparation for wrong.” Sajjan stood in submission Guru Nanak Dev ji. He asked Sajjan to give all his wealth to the poor . Sajjan obeyed what Guru ji said and became the follower OF Guru ji and started meditating regularly.

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18 thoughts on “Guru Nanak Dev ji – and his preachings!!!

  1. Bahut hi khubsurat shrinkhla …………saitaan bhi natmastak ho jaataa hai mahan byaktitva ke saamne aise kayee udahran hain…………aapne bahut hi sundrta se Guru Nanak deo ki mahatta ko darshaayaa hai.

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    1. Thank you!! I felt the way humanity is changing and the way they are moulting believes according to their convenience the thoughts needs to be highlight where some where all are forgetting. Like Pawan post was too an awakening one!
      I suppose your poems are playing great role in leaving the powerful impact on the readers and giving a reason to think again where they are doing wrong !! Wish altogether we are able to make the society and a world a better place to stay

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      1. Sukriya hamari soch ko aap tarif karti hain……hamen bhi aapki soch lekhni men jhalakti hai……..main bhi murid hun aapkaa……duniya badlegi aur jarur badlegi……us din aap jaise log bhi honge…….jo satya ka saath denge….likhte rahiye…….sabki kahani ek hi wor ingit karti hai…….insaan se prem karo…….sab jeevon par daya karo……..wo sab dekhta hai……dhanyawad apka sundar kriti ke liye.

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  2. Thank you very much for sharing, dear Tanvir ๐Ÿ™‚
    Guru Nanak was the first Guru, or competent Master in the line of the Sikhs, who were able to give a first-hand experience regarding Surat Shabd Yoga, or light and sound principle that lies within. His disciples and were directly put in contact with the Christ-power, Guru-power, Master-power or God-power, which is all the same and could have the same experience from which all competent Masters speak of.

    Thank you so much for sharing, my dear friend and wishing you a great weekend

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