Every minute someone leaves this world behind. We are all in ” the line ” without really realizing it, we never know how many people are before us. We cannot move to the back of the line. We cannot step out of the line. We cannot avoid the line.

So while we wait in the line :

Make moments count.

Make Priorities.

Make time for all.

Make your gifts known.

Make nobody feel like somebody.

Make your voice heard.

Make someone smile.

Make the change.

Make efforts to spread love, peace and make up with all.

Make sure you have no regrets by the time it’s your turn to go.

Make sure you are ready to face every obstacles in life.

Above all make sure you tell people who are loved and how important you feel about them and that your faith is strong.


85 thoughts on “Faith

  1. जबरदस्त लेखन।दिल को झकझोर देनेवाली लेखन।
    पल-पल,पल-पल,पल-पल तेरा,
    पल ये छूटा जाए क्यों इतराये रे,
    पल-पल दिनकर-जीवन का ये ढलता जाए रे,
    क्यों इतराये रे।
    पल-पल बिछड़ रहे अपने जैसे मुट्ठी से रेत,
    रंग बिरंगी दुनियाँ बनती जाती पल-पल स्वेत,
    कल का साथी आज कहाँ है,
    छलिया,धोखेबाज जहाँ है,
    उस छलिया से प्रीत लगा क्यों इतना अहं दिखाए,
    क्यों इतराये रे,
    पल-पल दिनकर-जीवन का ये ढलता जाए रे।

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  2. My dear Tanvir

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem and thought – indeed we often avoid it to think that some day its also our turn to leave the body and with it to leave this world – really consciousness starts in the moment, it should remind us that, like students who have to pass their lessons to advance and have to prepare them for it and not to learn the last moment, we all have a limited time given – when we use it properly we surely will advance and make progress on the inner journey.

    hugs from my heart to yours
    in thankfulness

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  3. I loved this breathtaking words on Faith and you have written it so well, Tanvir. Loved the picture of us waiting in line as our journey comes to an end and who knows when and who goes before us. So true we need to be doing just that during our entire day and just be happy in the moment and have utmost Faith in ourselves for who we are and our Lord is always there as our constant companion. Awesome post dear.

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  4. A lot to think about. It’s so important to meditate on just how brief life can be (Ecclesiastes 7:2) as it can motivate us to do good and show appreciation for others. I look forward to being in God’s Kingdom when we will never have to worry about death (1 Corinthians 15:26).


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