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Politics – Elections 2019

2019 is a big year for the nation!! Where the political parties are in action to prove their capabilities for the country and a time when common people gains the importance. Voting plays a very important role in a democratic country because by casting your vote you are giving an opporunity to the party to form the government  you wish should work for the nation. But the problem in our country is people vote on the basis of favouritism rather than casting their voting for right candidate.

It’s really a disappointment when you see people itself are supporting the parties blindly. One set of people are promoting Congress and one BJP. None are bothered to check the credentials and capability of the person whom they want to elect.

Few problems in political system of our country are :

  • Corruption : Our country have all the major potentials to grow as one of the most powerful and developed country but because of  corruption our country is becoming handicapped. Only 3 to 4% of the total population pays taxes. Even those who pay tax have fear that money will not be appropriately used by the government. As even the government departments working process is unethical and time-consuming.
  • Communal problem : As discussed in my pervious post communal problem is one of the major reason for the political setback in our country. The conflict between various religions and caste because of insignificant reasons gives the political authorities an added advantage to divide people and win elections.
  • Crime rate : Crime rate is a huge problem in our country. Where every day the percentage of crime is increasing and recently according to the research the crime rate of our country was on top. Due to which the faith of the people are losing on the makers of the law. Though it’s a nations issue and  not a political issue, still if any crime takes place rather than making efforts to reduce and slow down the crime rate, it becomes a major reason for political discussion. Hence, the main topic is diverted from its course.

E.g : The number of rape cases are increasing every year. It hurts when durig debates comments come on the dressing sense of the females and the restrictions on the time period when females have to come home and go out. I only have one question from the people, ” Why the parents forget to give the moral values to the boys? Why there is differentiation between the upbringing of a boy and a girl? As far as I think the upbringing of boys requires more vigilance and care.

As a citizen of India. I really feel disheartened when our  country have all the potentials for being a developed country but still counted as an underdeveloped country due to mismanagement of resources and ignorance. There are  many positive reasons that gives all citizens to fall in love with our country and feel proud.  Hence, all we need is to put in efforts for improvement in hygiene, creating awareness among ignorant people and educate them about their responsibilities so that the mindset of people changes and hence it grows positivity at a good speed. The day we change ourselves as a person and accept out duty towards the nation it will become a heaven to stay. Stop pin pointing on the attitudes of others. Don’t change the world. Change yourself and you will find the change.

I hate when others see our country with negative behaviour even though our country have countless positive points. Because of the wrong actions and  picture portrayed by few a wrong message goes to the world. Increase the level of education. Creation of responsibility and accountability among citizens itself will make a huge difference in the working of the government. Ask the government questions in such manner that they are forced to answer and do work for what they had requested the citizens to vote for.

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43 thoughts on “Politics – Elections 2019

  1. Parents should teach both their boys and girls morals and values. Character Education should become a curriculum in schools throughout the country from elementary-high school. All should be accountable and take responsibility for their actions. Being a parent is hard but, done properly children will become productive, responsible and hardworking men and women.

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  2. Kabhi kabhi kabaade se bhi upyogi bastu nikal jaataa hai khojne se magar aajaadi ke in sattar varshon me ham chunte chunte woob se gaye hain…log jaati aur dharn, todo aur rajya karo ke sidhaant se upar uthne ko taiyaar nahi…..pure paach saal ek n ek chunav hota hai aur ye khud ko behtar dikhaane me byast rahnewaale hame behtar kyaa banaayenge ….aise me sach kahaa aapne …..hamen khud me sudhaar laanaa hogaa….magar ye hamen ek to rahne den.

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  3. This is so true, “None are bothered to check the credentials and capability of the person whom they want to elect”. I know many well educated doing this and blindly sharing political post. I feel sorry for the sufferers as the ones who shared has nothing to do with the reality, and they are least suffered.

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  4. This is absolutely right and I so agree totally with your words. No one is bothered how the country and its people are facing. Only once they get their votes they only want to protect their chairs and keep on taking money and not bothered whether we live or die. India is only going down because of them. And tell me who do we vote when all are like that. Sorry state of affairs. Don’t change the world. Change yourself and you will find the change. This is the reality.

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      1. I agree with you, but it becomes very worrying and hopeless when the government take advantage of those problems to usurp and mismanage the country instead of finding ways to solve and unite the country.

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