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Now when I look around the attitude of not only the politicians but also the attitude of the citizens of our country, I am forced to think, is this what we call and talk about incredible India. My heart sinks on the efforts made by the freedom fighters.
As I have heard, read and what I know about my country, it’s a beautiful nation known for its culture, architecture, best example of diversity. Can’t find a better example than India where people from different religion are living together, number of different languages spoken, variety of food and uncountable beautiful things about our country which makes us all feel proud to be an Indian. Best institutions available for education.

 But…….!!!! ‘ What’s going wrong?’

Good Politics is necessary for an efficient governance of a country. But the meaning of politics have changed from a long time. We are giving examples of Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh etc of how they have sacrificed themselves for getting our country free. Paths and methods may be different but the target was same. Dr B.R.Ambedkar framed  the constitution of India keeping in mind all those points which would help our country develop in near future, along with current situation what India was facing, after Independence. All were making efforts to unite citizens of the country irrespective of caste, religion etc, trying to provide equal rights to every citizen of the country.

Efforts were made to remove the problems faced by backward classes and tribes. Hence, the concept of reservation was introduced for the upliftment of the neglected people and give the deserving candidate an equal chance of getting proper job, education etc.


Today, people have changed the meaning of reservations. Every section of the society wants reservations but no one wants to work hard for their self-development and politicians are taking benefit of it and creating their vote banks.

Now, the reservations are only acting as  an infected seed, which is hampering the growth of the deserving candidates. Every day in news we see because of reservation at least one deserving candidate is losing an important seat at the work place or at any educational institution, leaving us behind helpless and in a situation where we don’t know whom to ask for help as the makers of law itself  are misleading.

Talking about the central government  – It’s not about which party is in center but it’s about the candidate who is elected for the governance of the country. It’s the duty of citizens who have elected the government, should check the working of the  government. Apart from citizens the role of the opposition party plays an equal role for the development of the country. The opposition should act an eagle’s eye, and keep a check on the actions of the government. Their duty is to support on what good is done by the government and guide the government systematically where they are wrong. Unfortunately, they too are just hammering the growth and work of the government and what happens in the parliament we all know. In different sessions of parliament topics raised should be discussed in ethical manner and hence leading to some positive conclusion. Sadly, we often fail to see a healthy environment.

It’s unfortunate to see that people who are illiterate, involved in criminal activities etc stand for elections. None of them have the capacity to run country in healthy way. More unfortunate is that all such qualities are not mentioned in the constitution of our country but yet the ticket it given to the many unauthorised people.. 

Where knowledge and experience leads to the development of a society, but when the conflicts among people exists because of religion, reservations, caste etc it will not help a country to grow.

Which ever party is their in central or state government, you should remember only one thing you are elected by people, for the people and of the people and your goal is to work for the development of the country and state respectively, instead of hammering the work and pulling each other’s leg.

Every day if members of any party or public in general put themselves in Darnas, strikes and damage the public property then whose getting benefited from it, “nobody”. But it’s only leading to the loss of property of our country and ultimately a severe impact on the income of the citizens who are trying to work hard without even demanding for reservations. In all these things we are forgetting one important thing :   


Today, If I am asked about the people who have acted as true politicians  I only think about few politicians, among them few are Late Dr A P J Abdulkalam who served for the country as President with dignity and was away from all controversies. Best role model and example for a true political  leader who with his educational skills have given a lot to our country.  Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee who have laid a good example of a true leader. He have truly set an example of how the politics of a country should run. I couldn’t find a better person who played the best role of a prime minister and as an opposition too so well. Dr Manmohan Singh was one of the best finance minister and economist who gave a new shape to our country in 1991, his contribution as a politician is commendable but unfortunately worked under wrong guidance.

Now-a-days intolerance word is becoming a very common subject of conversation. It’s just the guilty that’s speaking among politicians. I couldn’t find anything wrong  in what Amir Khan said regarding intolerance. It was just a bias statement by politicians on the basis of religion. As what I understood he only said intolerance in respect of crime rate which is increasing and leading to insecurity which in return is damaging the ideology of our country . He made that statement in respect of being the ambassador of incredible India. Unfortunately, his statement took a wrong turn.

Right to the freedom of speech is one of  our fundamental right. But is it actually there in practice. A single statement may be taken into wrong direction and when you are behind the bars you never know. When you have a fear to express your views within the brackets of right to freedom then what’s the point of this right to be engraved in constitution.

Is our country truly  a DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY ? We really need to ask ourselves.


….to be contd

35 thoughts on “Politics 

  1. Awesome and brilliant words u have written on India and sadly I too agree totally with your words, Tanvir. Those days and those politicians are all gone who knew how to take care of the citizens and the country. Today all r wanting money for their selfish reasons. There is no tolerance at all. I too feel sad. Great post and so interesting.

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  2. Quite a comprehensive and well articulated post Tanvir. Like you rightly pointed out, the intention of starting reservation was noble, but somehow now the entire system has become a mockery of democracy. Unfortunately today politicians do everything not for the betterment of the country but only to enhance their vote banks.

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  3. Politics Is Shit & If Anyone Think That Politicians Can Bring Change Then It’s Nothing But Fooling Ownself. It’s Time To Shift The Power To Enterprenuers , Scientists & Other Sophisticated & Intellectual Peoples From The Illiterate & Criminal Minded & Mentally Sick Politician.
    Nice Post, Thanks For Sharing

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