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Things to remember in Parenting- part 2

Good parenting requires great commitment. Also to understand children at different stages efficiently. Remember if you want your children to grow – become descent, productive members of the society.

While upbringing children various points that needs to be taken into consideration:

  • Do not negotiate with your young child : Children are not born wild or stubborn. A silly statement on the behalf of the parents  that toddlers are wild. A role of a responsible parent is to guide your child when they do something wrong. Though it’s a tough job but with patience and vigilance parents can make whole lot of difference. Have often seen to make things work out they negotiate with their children to get the task done. Which is  100 % wrong on the behalf of parents. Negotiating with your child confuses the child to differentiate between right and wrong. While handling children it’s very important to establish your authority with love and discipline.
  • Teaching Toddlers /Never laugh at Toddlers mistake :   Toddlers will always test your limits. At times they do or say something that’s down the lane wrong or funny. They may call you by wrong word or say something funny. Toddlers may show their anger by hitting you etc. Elders often tend to laugh and ignore such act of the toddlers, which tends to form the part of the toddlers habit. So when the kids do something wrong and you feel it’s inappropriate, as parents you should ask them from where have they learnt such word or behaviour rather than laughing. It’s a difficult task but you need to express the toddler that they cannot use the word again or behave in an inappropriate manner.
  • Know when to say ”NO” :  Often parents just can’t say no to their kids. This act is certainly damaging the child’s personality. When the child gets approval for everything, even when they behave wrongly, the child will not grow into a person who will be easily acceptable in the society. For example : the child damages the pillows and the elders skip away by saying that he is just a toddler. 
  • No Spanking : Often to correct their child, parents spank their children. This may be short-term relief for the parents but however this is not a correct method to teach your children the differentiation between right or wrong. Spanking your child will make your child more prone to fight with other kids. Rather patiently help and explain things/situations with reasons while correcting them.
  • Communication should be a Priority :  Parents can’t expect kids to do everything because you as a parent ”wants to” or ”say so”. Like adults, children too deserve the explanations. When you provide them with sufficient information, allows the kids to understand and learn things without judging them. When there is a problem and you express your feelings to them, and invite your children to work with solution it helps them to create a bounding with the family and understand the situations better.

Mistakes done in parenting :

  • Yelling : Often parents yell at their children. For a parents sometimes it may only be the option to disciple the child but they forget the repercussions of yelling. Children lose their confidence, low self-esteem and increase in anxiety. When you think you are trapped in your anger than make efforts to calm down and acknowledge your emotions and peacefully discuss the matter with your child.
  • Irregular Bedtime : Children must have the specific number of hours of sleep. Now days parents tend to ignore how important proper sleep at proper time is. Irregular sleep will not help in proper development of your child’s brain.
  • Poor Self Esteem : If your child have poor self-esteem, it’s because you advice them more than you encourage them.
  • If your child is a coward, it’s because you help them too quickly. Don’t remove every obstacle from their path.
  • Correcting in Public : If your child doesn’t stand up for themselves., it is because from a young age you have disciplined them regularly in public. Parents shouldn’t do so even in front of your siblings, relatives, friends or cousins.
  • Comparison : If your child is jealous, it’s because you have consistently compared your child with others.
  • If your child lies, it means you have overreacted on their mistakes in the past. Making mistakes is not a problem but how you correct it makes a whole lot of difference.


If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them and half as much money. 

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47 thoughts on “Things to remember in Parenting- part 2

  1. Ghar pratham pathshala hain jahan bachche sikhte hain…..ham jaisaa karte hain bachche bhi waisaa hi karte hain……..nischit jarurat par daant aur phir pyaar karte huye bachchon ko ek achchha insaan banaanaa hi maa baap ka udeshya hotaa hai………..magar ……..ham aisaa kar nahin paate……aapne bahut hi mahatwapurn vinduwon par prakash daala hai…….ek khubsurat lekh.

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  2. Aapne bahuth mehnath kiya hein is topic par, aur Woh dikh bhi raha hein….
    What you said throughout this post is exemplary points. Especially a parent needs to know when to say a NO to a child so as not to make them an adament and stubborn child, especially in this era of one child family.

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  3. Great tips! The only thing I don’t agree with is that children aren’t born stubborn, speaking from experience some are πŸ˜‰ Of course it doesn’t mean we should cater to it, but a stubborn child needs to be dealt with differently, it took me a long time to realise this, but things went much smoother when I did.

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