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Things to remember in Parenting- part 1

In my previous post Importance of Good Parenting have discussed  how important it is to understand the responsiblity of being good parents. When one decides to become parents it should be willingly and not pressurised as ultimately the parents have to face and fulfill the upcoming challenges.

Now in this article will discuss how important it is to keep in mind few points which often are ignored while upbringing a child. It’s easy to say plan your family but forget how important and difficult it is to give a good life with values to your child. If we see things have changed with time, hence, parenting roles have become more challenging. With increasing comforts, things have become more complicated to make the life balance between the luxury and a good valued life.

Before becoming  parents what one needs to keep in mind :

A very important question to be asked from self,  ” What’s the duty of the parents”?

Parents duty to the children is to open the doors of liberation. To explain the purpose of life. As in today’s world children are becoming more bound to internet, social media, phones, getting  attracted towards the external beauty, as a result they are becoming more materialistic and selfish in nature, losing their self personality. Children have become used to a sense of entitlement instead of responsibility and spending most of their lives indoors. 

Whose at fault? Is it school or they are born like that. The answer is No. The Occupational Therapists are saying the parents are responsible for being emotionally inaccessible to the children. They themselves are continuously attracted towards the digital life. They themselves have not clearly defined the limits of conduct, for not teaching children to be responsible, no efforts are given to make sure that the children gets adequate sleep and a balanced diet. For immediate relief of work, parents provide junk foods. Say no to junk food.

Among many handicapped children, normal children are facing a lot more emotional imbalances in their lives. For example –

  • Approx 40% increase in hyperactive nature of the children and they are unable to control their impulses. Often have trouble in paying attention.
  • Increase in the percentage of teen depression and 200% increase in suicide among the age  group of 10-14 years.

None of the people in the society feel that there’s something wrong. It’s the time to understand the key problem and work on it. Give and teach children to accept what they need and not what they want. Don’t be afraid to say no. Set limits to their conduct and lifestyle. Involve them in daily chores of life and remember you are their parents  and not their friend. Yes, you can become their friend but at the same time you have the responsiblity of being a parent too. Show children the purpose of life and self realisation. If children never asks you the purpose of life than you may be in fault for nor giving them proper spiritual guidance.

Even if they are emotionally and mentally balanced they need to have a better outlook for life . Should know how daily struggle for life is to be considered positively. Show them the path of truthfulness, integrity and most important self – knowledge and liberation. Giving own examples of your life will make things better

…………… to be contd!

47 thoughts on “Things to remember in Parenting- part 1

  1. What a profound header quote πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ This is a very good article. In our current fast- paced, digital world, we have created some real problems while trying to some others. While parenting jas become harder, the caveat is that no child asked to be here. It calls for more responsibilty even before becoming a parent as you rightly pointed out. Great post πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  2. I totally agree hundred percent with this informative and true post of yours Tanvir and you are so right why encourage the children unnecessary. Let them too do what they need to. Today parents are just molly coddlying their children and feel only their children are the best in the world and give them everything under the sun. Thanks for the awesome and inspiring share.

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      1. Yes absolutely same here Tanvir. Even I have two children but I too never did all these fusses and they simply grew. Today kids are not having any confidence in themselves and if they cry let them for sure they will learn. We have forgotten to in-cult values in them.

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  3. Sadaiv ki bhaati ek saarthak post………
    jisne sanyukt pariwaar nahi dekha uske liye samajhna mushkil ….magar roji roti ki talash ne ekal pariwar ko janm diyaa……ham machine ban gaye……bachche bhautik saamaanon men vyast ho gaye……bhaagam….bhaaag……jindgi bikhar si gayee hai ….magar ham….khud ko viksit bol rahe hain……….naanaa naani……maushaa…maushi…….daadaa…daaadi….buaa….chaachaa…..n jaane kitne rishte they…….sab simat se gaye hain……bachche bhi machine se khelte khelte machine ban gaye hain ……
    mitti se khelnewaale mitti se jude they,
    machino se khelnewaale khud machine ban gaye,
    Maa…baap banne se pahle khud ko kisi kaa betaa samajhnaa hogaa……

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  4. I much appreciate what you say. My son had a much easier ride through youth than my daughter but she is now much more resilient than he in the face of adversity. It’s no easy road, being a parent. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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