Importance of Good Parenting

Having a child is not a problem but what makes a difference is how good parents you have proved to your children. A big responsibility that demands a lot, from the parents. ”I believe a good parenting is more important than good schooling.” 

Or both are interlinked!!!

What do the readers have to say about this?

No doubt good schooling is very important as it helps in the development and growth of a child. It helps the children to open their mind not only in different subjects but also helps in stimulating the interest of the children. A school forms the base to the children and teaches them the facts of life and ways how to deal with the world once they are exposed to it. Building confidence is not easy but that’s what is a role of a good teacher and parents.

The science says that the 80% of the brain is developed by the age of 3. Where as Kindergarten and schooling starts after 3 and 4 in many countries. So the formal schooling begins after the age of 3 or 4. This is where a role of good parenting comes in. Where parents have to engage themselves completely with their children from the birth and make them responsible enough to face the world. Parents are direct influencers of the children. So it becomes very important for them to keep a check on the way they talk and behave in front of a child.

Parents themselves have to be dynamic in nature so that they are able to enrich the learnings, creativity and educational skills of their child. Understanding the psychological and behaviour of child is very important. Parents have to be balanced in their nature of being strict and lenient.

A good parenting skill plays a big role in the development of the child. Few points that needs to be considered are :

  1. Parents should themselves be  well equipped with adequate knowledge.
  2. Parents should learn the art of patience.
  3. Trusting your child plays a big role in the  development of their child. It makes a child not only responsible but also accountable and answerable to the parents automatically. They will provide you with reasons where they are wrong even if the parents don’t ask for explanation.
  4. Nurturing your child with humour, love, care and guidance being the common aspects.

Crucial parenting skills :

  1. Self Control : It plays a very important role in the development of a child. Self control here doesn’t means to hide your emotions but it means how to deal with the emotions in adequate manner. Managing your emotions in  front of the child will make your child mentally strong and it will teach the child how to manage their behaviour in the odd circumstances. Also self-control is a tool which helps a child to be responsible in adulthood.
  2. Focus : With the changing environment lots of distraction have arisen that can affect the growth of a child. Therefore, in today’s scenario focusing on the upbringing of a child have become very important. As a parent it have become important to pay attention on your child’s action,  the manner in which they are addressing their needs, know their whereabouts and ensuring their safety. By doing so you are taking effective measures for the development and growth of your child.
  3. Parents involvement : Now days I often see this point is missing in parents. Parents involvement in their child’s activities is very important. With the involvement of the parents you are gaining the trust of your child and making them feel that you are their best friends and are enjoying their company. When at every level of age you are present in your child’s life they will understand how important the parents are. Though at teenage your involvement might be considered as interference but don’t back off. Rather mould your involvement according to the need of time. Make sure in the process of involvement you make your child understand that getting comfort in life is not easy, you have to earn it by working hard.

Hence, Good education is the road to success – good parenting is the car they’ll need to drive down it.

P.S : I am not a parenting expert but felt what should be taken for consideration. The expert advice is most welcome from the one who are already parenting their children successfully.

Next post will be based on “Things to remember in parenting”.

84 thoughts on “Importance of Good Parenting

  1. Absolutely Tanvir. The home is the first school of a child. His personality is moulded to a great extent by the parenting style he experiences.
    I feel given today’s environment, good parenting is the most challenging skill one needs to develop.

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    1. True!! Today’s world is challenging as I see many parents who become parents but are not well prepared for the responsibility.. so to be in their comfort zone up bring their children with their convenience!! E.g. while eating food they would open the favourite cartoon so that they eat food quickly or will give any gadgets !! Hence have lost patience which is the most important part of parenting!!
      Thank you for the lovely feedback

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  2. Yes Tanvir. Education starts at home through observation and listening . So what you practice and speak has a lot of important in setting a good example for them to follow…

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    1. How I see it, the biggest thing when it comes to parenting and the relationship between the child and the mother/father has to do with the parents’ behavior:

      How are we reacting to this situation? What are we doing in response to this roadblock or challenge or opportunity or reward or pain?

      I really love your post, Tanvir. And it’s something that more mommy/daddy blogs should harp on more frequently as a bigger picture to raising children.

      Kids are freaking smart. And they are smart because they have no social or cultural bounds to their questioning (critical thinking) and imagination (creativity).

      My nieces stare at me with unwavering focus as I do things, and it’s from these moments I draw inference of how important it is for parents to behave in the way they wish their children to become.

      Do the wrong things, such as toying on our smart phone rather than being involved with all the magnificent things they have to say or ask of us, and we might teach them to behave in a way we can resent later on.

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  3. A truly excellent post Tanvir. It’s a pity however that sadly it is not always in action. My Mother was an excellent parent before l hit the age of ten. Then the stresses of life and of marriage to my Father made her less effective. A terrible thing to say, but living with my Father was seriously hard work for all parties. She was my first educator and she taught me many things, and although her zest and enthusiasm dwindled she was still a very good teacher. My Father was a strict disciplinarian who believed ruling with an iron fist was how kids and especially his Son should learn – which was wrong.

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      1. The biggest problems Tanvir is even simpler – there can be many guides of ‘how to’ out there, but that doesn’t mean they get read by those who maybe should. Whilst there are plenty of guides on how to ‘parent’ as suggestives, there is never anything written on a person’s individual attention.

        My Mother instinctively knew how to parent, how to teach her children to read and learn and observed, she knew how to exercise patience and tolerance and how to acknowledge beauty and to apply logic, but my Father had no tolerance for such things because his own parents never displayed that to him.

        Instead of learning by his own parents mistakes he simply applied those techniques they used upon him to his own children and thought they should work.

        Parenting is principally tailored to each individual, but it needs understanding, love, emotion, affection and a wish to not repeat history. In other words, just because you ‘were’ parented like that doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to be the same for your own children, the point of history is to learn from its mistakes and progress from it.

        Additionally, it is not just parenting but also other factors taken into consideration. I am on the spectrum, l heavily suspect my Father is too and from memory his own Father or even his own Mother were. They treated their ‘naughty son’ with some very strange disciplinarian ways.

        Common sense should be one of the first principles of parenting, and l think that is the one thing that is lacking in many cases.

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      2. I absolutely agree with your thoughts that’s what why parenting is one of the most difficult job! I personally believe if one can handle the situations related to parenting than don’t become one. As the whole future of a child depends on how to build the roots of the child .
        It was a new way and experienced things shared by you!!

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  4. An excellent post Tanvir and I absolutely agree totally with them. Homes are first where the children are taught by their parents to be good citizens. Then comes teachers too. Today parents have to be over cautious with their children. Thanks for the awesome share

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  5. Parenting big subject and with so many aspects it’s difficult to give a quick incisive answer.
    Does anyone have a degree in parenting?
    Parenting is about giving your child a happy enjoyable and memorable childhood as a starting point. Self esteem and the knowledge that they are loved and respected and know how to share these aspects with you.
    It’s only when they fly the nest do you truely know if you have done a good job.
    Going back to your comments about good parenting being more important than good schooling. How you you say your a good parent if you’ve accepted poor schooling? Well you can if you have filled in the gaps. Helped them achieve and made them aspire to greater things.
    Like with all of life’s journey you have to look back to where you have been, look where you are now and push yourself into choosing the right path. But not just one path, many.
    Why many? What applies to you and your children is having the courage and support in giving it a go. Choosing and taking the plunge at many things will make us stronger and well rounded. Sometimes you have to fail, and sometimes you succeed.
    Parenting is about never giving up trying new things and adapting what you already know. Our children need to have the same philosophy in life. There is no one way, one one path, no wrong way and no right way until be have a go.
    Parenting is about learning from your children as much as they learn from you.
    The journey we take as parents is from the experience we have from when we were also young. Experience from our own parents and grandparents, and we affect the way our children when they too become parents.
    We just have to select the best bits, improve and develop the weaker bits and remove the bits that don’t work. Essentially it’s called family life.

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    1. Definitely well said a vast subject which needs to be understood at its own and more the methods and experience being its own teacher!! Schooling and parenting going hand in hand but definitely the first school being home as no one can know a child better than his parents!! Thank you very much for the wonderful elaborate feedback on such an important topic !!

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  6. Yes parents have to take very good care of their children’s upbringing and their education, as both are very important for them to grow up to be stable adults. Thank you for sharing the post with us. God Bless ❤ 🙂

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  7. Great point about self-control as a parent and giving the child responsibility. This way the child is not sheltered and learns over time from their own experiences (valuable learning!). Hugs

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  8. Lots of interesting points here. I think it’s true parents often give a disproportionate amount of attention to academics while neglecting other aspects of their children. Also another very important part of parenting is setting a good example. Children pick up so much from what they see in us, probably more than we directly teach them.

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  9. Very good points! I never thought of how important involvement is. Of course parents want to he concerned with what’s going on in their child’s life but it’s so important to be actively a part of events – and as children mature, to let them learn to handle life with the parents’ support.
    I hope it’s okay if I share this but it made me think of a wonderful article I read that has some great tips in addition to this!

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  10. Good parenting…Definitely its take our life time to master it,as child keeps evolving and we too to evolve with them.And yes to be a good parent..first comes the dynamic growth as an individual then follows it good parenting skills…

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  11. So true. Teaching is an amazing job but you make relatively smaller differences to lots of children. Parenting makes the world of differences to your children who then hopefully change the world. The best job. And so humbling when you make mistakes as everyone does at some point. Thanks, I enjoyed the read 😀

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  12. Great post! Parents can be so hard on themselves, no one is a perfect parent, and children don’t come with a guide. Just remember to breathe, love with all your heart and try your best. 🙂

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