Move on

How many of us review our thoughts by the end of the day. Those who do will find that the conversation done with others and with self are mostly based either on past or on future. Which means we are not fully living in the present moment, hence we are missing every moment of life to live,

Remember if we keep lingering on events that have given us wound, it will only keep us away from being happy. In life it doesn’t matter what were the circumstances or arguing who was right or wrong. What makes a difference is to move forward from the pain that’s hurting and stopping you to live your life. Holding events will give you nothing in return but will  take away the precious portion of time and life.

Let’s understand it in the form of story :

Once a little boy slowly walked in to his mother’s room. His mother was sitting at her desk writing. Mother took a glance at him and saw that he was carrying a vase that was given to her by grandmother.

Seeing that vase in little boy’s hand, made mother worried and she said, ” Baby, please put the vase down before you break it by mistake.” Boy, ” Mom, I can’t get my hand out of it.”

Mother got down to the knees and came forward to help her son. She looked at her his hand and saw that the neck of vase was very narrow and her son’s hand was neatly fit inside the vase up to his wrist.

Seeing this mother got worried and called his father. As the little boy’s dad arrived and looked at all this, he gently tried to pull the hand from the vase but couldn’t. Then he tried loosen his hand using soap and water but still nothing. Father tried everything to loosen the grip but each time he failed. And said,” I give up.. I would give a dollar now to know how to get his hand out of vase.”

Boy exclaimed,” Really..!! Dad?”

Just then the parents heard the clinking sound and saw kid hand slipped out of vase. Parents expression was both filled with happiness and surprise on seeing that. Parents turned the vase upside down to check the reason for sound and saw a penny dropped out of it. Parents got confused and asked the child to explain.

The boy innocently replied,” Oh that.. It’s a penny that I put inside the vase and while trying to get it out my hand and got stuck but when I heard dad saying he would give a dollar to have my hand out of the vase, I let it go.”

Moral :

In life we often keep clinging on things that keep us stuck and hamper us to move forward. We should learn the art of letting things go. Letting things go will help you to see new opportunities that are waiting for  you in life.

53 thoughts on “Move on

  1. Hello Tanvir,

    great story with great message.Everything in life is philosophy, and really the most important thing in life is to have a faith for the things which we desire in life. Very important message is here Tanvir !

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  2. True words of letting go of unwanted things in our life and especially past and future that do not exist only the eternal now. Such an apt and inspiring story, loved it and felt a laugh or two at the innocence of the child. Awesome post, dear Tanvir.

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  3. You write well and so wise .. love this story I usually use the story of the monkey with his hand stuck outside the bars and when he drops the banana he can bring his arm back inside … yours is much nicer , thanks πŸ™‚

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  4. I love the way you presented the idea of moving on and letting go with a narrative. It was so beautiful. Whether we go through a heartbreak, rejection, loss of someone, at some point or another, you eventually have to move on in life. Life happens. πŸ™‚

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