Self Care Management

In one of my post Self Care 🤗🤗 had discussed with you how important it is to look after yourself along with the needs of others. Now in this post I am going to discuss how well can we manage things related to self. As it is often said by many preachers,”we cannot control the circumstances that life gives us but we can surely take care of the circumstances well.” The most important role of an individual is to build one self strong enough to react adequately towards the changing environment.

With the change in the pattern of life style of people, it have greatly affected the health of the individuals to a greater extent. It have become very important to take care of self in a very appropriate manner. Taking care of body,soul and mind will help to handle stress. Following are few points that are important for self-care management :

  1. Adequate sleep : Having enough and adequate sleep is very important for healthy life. Proper sleep helps to maintain emotional and physical  well-being. It helps to handle stress well. Now a days working environment have greatly affected the sleep of people. It have become very important to take adequate steps to have proper nap.
  2. Nutrition diet : Now a days junk food have spoiled the health of the people a lot. Many a times food taken by people lack adequate nutrition diet. Hectic schedules have led to poor diet and unfortunately effecting the health of people. To have good health efforts should be made to have healthy food.
  3. Exercise : Practising exercise regularly helps to burst your negative hormones and often acts as stress buster. Exercise increases the feelings of overall well-being.
  4. Find hobbies : It’s very important to continue with you hobbies even in your hectic schedule. It only gives you happiness but also distracts you from your work pressure. It also leads to the creation of healthy life too.
  5. Social Support : Maintaining social support is important and healthy too. Often talking to friends and loved ones and discussing your problems, helps to relief your mind and heart. It lightens up the heart and cultivates the positive thoughts. The supportive ears of friends and family develops the communication skills and rejuvenate the energy for the work.
  6. Pamper yourself : Take time and don’t forget to treat yourself well. Go for spa, walk and nourish yourself in nature as you too deserve a day for happiness and healthy life. It gives you energy to re-create yourself for the world which is full of  challenges.
  7. Maintaining balance in emotions : An adequate balance of emotions are very important. It’s vert important to express your feelings timely and listen to yourself and try to understand what your emotions are saying. It’s very important to process your emotions because if you store them in bottle than later it is surely going to explode, which definitely going to be very harmful.

Please add more points for self-care management. As people dealing with it can add more to the subject, as how well they are dealing with it.

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64 thoughts on “Self Care Management

    1. Khud ko khush rakhna aur santusht rakhna ek art hai…….jisne khud ka care nahi kiyaa aksar umar ke dhalaan par rote najar aate hain…….

      जबतक जवानी जोश से भरा था,
      जिंदगी समझाती रही,लोग समझाते रहे,
      और हम
      सबको अनसुना करते रहे,
      मगर अब
      हम चिल्लाते हैं और लोग अनसुना करते हैं,
      शायद सृष्टि का यही नियम है
      कल हम जिंदगी से खेलते थे,अब जिंदगी हमसे खेलती है।

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  1. I do take care of myself, that is how I managed to overcome long term depression of 15 years. Its not easy to overcome mental issues and, I learnt to look after myself and do positive things to feel positive in order to get over the low moods. Thank you for the article, there is a lot of useful information in it. Much Love and Light from me 🙂 ❤

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      1. Thank you so much. Sorry that I have repeated again! When commenting sometimes it so happens. As I try to keep on encouraging as much as possible, it is not possible to remember exactly which blogs I have commented. I am so very glad that you go through what I write. Stay strong. You are very brave too ❤

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  2. Great tips Tanvir,

    go for SPA is great tips. (Solus par aqua) is the root of the word SPA, which means treatment with water, and I believe that water has a magical power to heal our body!

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  3. Beautiful and so informative and inspiring post, Tanvir. U have said it all and I so agree totally that most important is we need to give time to ourselves and do what we love the most and make the most out of it. Thanks for the great share.

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  4. On the note for emotional balance, over time, I realize I find myself in trouble (psychologically or with real-world consequences) when I’m ecstatic or really down.

    Over time, I’ve learned to identify when my emotions begin to go out of hand and can mentally slow things down. People often hear me say something along the lines of: “Wait, what? Slow down. Think, Brian…” followed by prompting questions about what is happening in front of me.

    On the topic of sleep, I wrote a mega guide on fixing our sleep schedule. I can’t begin to explain how much sleep ties our mental well-being and day-to-day life together.

    Sleep is definitely a priority #1 and I’m glad you listed as the first item. 🙂

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      1. You are too kind. Thank you!

        I think this written guide might help a lot of people:

        I put in a lot of time and energy researching the 40+ sources linked in the guide to back up everything said. If you think it’s of use, I’d love to see it linked in the mini-guide you wrote above for everyone else to see it as well.

        (Or, if you would like, I can write a separate guest post that can elaborate on some key points!)

        There’s a clinical therapist I follow closely, and one of the first things he asks his clients is “how’s your sleep?”

        It’s wayy too easy to start shaving off sleep hours. What people don’t realize is how much of an impact sleep deprivation has on our day-to-day.

        And when we aren’t caring for ourselves properly, our sleep schedule is the first to go out of whack or become sacrificed during tough times.

        Learning to sleep better is a skill in itself, and one of the few that will be of great impact to our well-being when we tame it earlier than later in our lives!

        I’m really passionate about this topic! Thank you for reading my comment. 🙂

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  5. Great thoughts! I tend to utilize self care management when I’ve hit a crisis instead of adding it to daily life. Being proactive and mindful of using small parts of self care every day is crucial! I am very stubborn and I am still trying to make myself a priority in truly meaningful ways. Meditation, watching my diet, and working on art (hobby) are working for me at the moment 🙂

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