In life we all have some kind of stress or pressure. Students have the pressure for their studies, working people have stress for their job and pressure to finish work at designated deadlines etc. All these situations create high level of anxiety which may hamper the performances. Before talking more about stress I have a question to ask :

Does stress and pressure means the same?

What you think about this? For you both mean same or they’ve a different meaning. Please share your thoughts.

Pressure gives you target or deadline to finish the work in time, without which the work will not be finished in desired time. But when we start having anxiety in our work it will for sure effect our performance in work. You will realise the mistakes made in your work when you evaluate all the circumstances in your free time, which could otherwise be avoided. Have  you ever realised why it happened? It was because of the stress taken to accomplish the work, which created anxiety and fear within you and hence a negative attitude in work, which could have given a different outlook of work if it was done in positive note.

For many it may be a feeling of proud when you discuss with co – fellows that you have stress in your life but have you ever thought it’s impact on one’s body. Stress requires so much energy that it puts all the  other work on hold.

Impact of stress in life:

  1. Chronic stress often makes it difficult to lose your weight as the stress hormone increases your appetite.
  2. Creates a very unhealthy environment both at work place and at home. Often leading to bad communication among the people you love as all the comes out in front of the them.
  3. Stress often makes you feel sick and starts damaging the parts of your organs cells of your body.
  4. Stress often plays with your nervous system often gives hype to fight stimulation.

We all need to find the reason of increased stress in our lives. Now days stress have increased because of the materialistic surroundings and love for them. Along with a common statement that stress is natural. And when we are not able to cop up with the situations we say it’s natural.

It’s necessary in life to shield ourselves with the changes that takes place. Like weather changes from summers to winters and vice versa we prepare ourselves from changing season so that we don’t fall sick. Same is with life. As it takes a lot effort not to get stressed and stay happy in the situation. Remember it’s easy to get hurt but it requires a great achievement to stay strong and cop up with the problem. In life all that matters is the choice. Now it’s up to you, whether you want to shield yourself from the changes or bust in the situations faced by you.

Remember situations are not in our hands but how we react is up to us. If you react negatively remember you are depleting your energy and reducing your emotional strength, making yourself weaker in every situation you face.

Now, it’s up to you to decide and understand the difference between pressure/target and stress. When you will stop giving yourself false excuses that what ever is happening is natural and also stop blaming others for whatever wrong is happening in your life, you will be happy and will have confidence in life to face the world. Ultimately, the performance in the work will improve.

An hour of anxiety cannot change circumstances rather it can only worsen the things so make an effort to stay calm and put all your energy in completing your task.

P.S : In my next two posts I will be discussing about Self Care Management and Stress and Relaxation techniques. Which will be like an antidote to the topic Stress discussed with my readers.


54 thoughts on “Stress

  1. My dear friend,

    I think all depends on the situation we may face: So stress and pressure can go together and can also have different roots or meanings. For example if I cause the stress myself, I wait and postpone things and in the last moment I try to finish a work, an exam, a task etc. – this results in pressure, also self-made. The we have situation which are not caused by ourselves but are caused by others: for example you are forced to finish a certain work in time, if you are not ready to a given dead-line you have to face severe consequences, then stress and pressure go hand in hand. In this case: first the pressure is there resulting in stress.

    Each of us has different roles – both privately and professionally. And we experience all kinds of pressure. This pressure is, for example, the result of a lifestyle and the associated need to keep the sometimes competing demands of the partner, family, work and social environment in balance. Pressure can be related to the role itself, for example by taking on more responsibility. Maybe the pressure comes from other people – your friends, colleagues, a club or even “opponents”. Often the real pressure comes from a combination of factors that are little or no within your sphere of influence.

    Whenever we encounter different types of pressure, there is only one real source of stress – ourselves. In this respect, stress is the very personal response of each and every individual to pressure. Therefore, it influences everyone in different ways and to different degrees.

    Thanks for sharing this very interesting subject, dear friend 🙂
    Have a great time without pressure and stress 🙂 (but sometimes a bit pressure is needed to make us move, which is a positive pressure)

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  2. Stress and pressure can sometimes motivate to work harder to get a job done but people need stress isn’t good for anyone. Like 12:25, 26 says, “Who of you by being anxious can add a cubit to his life span? If, therefore, you cannot do such a small thing, why be anxious about the remaining things.” I try hard to throw my anxieties on Jehovah (1 Peter 5:6,7) as this can help manage stress. I look forward to seeing the relaxation tips in your future posts.

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