Motivation · peace


As I witnessed the beautiful morning from my room window in beach.

Where sun was moving towards the peak.

Waves were touching the shores and playing with the sand.

How could I control my love for the nature.

Walked towards the beach and waited for the waves to surround my feet.

As the waves came I could hear the sound of whisper and telling me to feel the soft sand.

Soft as the feelings of care. Making me realise life is like a sand.

Where a dry sand will hurt you if it goes inside your eyes.

A pain that will make you realise how harsh a life can be.

But when the waves touch the sand it softens the sand and gives the feeling of comfort.

Life is like a sand. The manner of treatment will give you same in return. 

Now it’s up to us whether we want life as dry sand giving us discomfort or as a wet sand soothing our lives.

49 thoughts on “Beach

  1. Dear friend, thanks for this beautiful comparation 🙂

    Yes life can also be like the sun: it gives us life, warmth and good feeling to bath in its light. However, the same sun can also take life if it is increasing heat, electromagnetic storms, throwing protuberance towards the earth and the like. Often there is a small edge, sometimes like a razor blade on which we walk… deciding over life and death, or pain and pleasant feelings…

    Wishing you a great day, dear friend

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  2. bahut hi khubsurat lekh aur sandesh ……jivan mera hai jise rab ne dekar bheja hai…..sab kuchh hamare upar hai ese kaisaa banaana hai……..bahut khub…..

    सूर्य रोज उगता है रोज छिप जाता है,
    ठंढे में खूबसूरत गर्मी की अहसास,
    तो गर्मी में बदन को जलाता है,
    सागर की लहरे भी रेत को
    रोज लुभाती है,
    कभी नहलाती है कभी
    अपने साथ ले जाती है,
    प्रकृति की ये क्रिया अनवरत चलते रहता है,
    सभी अपने अपने कर्मों में लीन
    अपने जगह पर तटस्थ
    मगर हम इंसानों ने
    किसे छोड़ा
    जंगलों को काट डाला,
    प्रत्येक जीवों को मार डाला,
    महत्वाकांक्षा ऐसी की इंसानियत को मार डाला,
    ईश्वर ने संसार बनाया उसी धूल से हमें भी,
    मगर उनकी अरमानो को भी धूल में मिला डाला,
    अब जीवनदायिनी हवा जहर बन गयी,
    समुद्र की लहरे मौत का सामान,
    आँखों को सुकून देती रेत,
    हवा संग मिल बवंडर बन गयी,
    रे मानव अब भी खुद को पहचान,
    वरना वो दिन दूर नहीं जब,
    हवा तुझे डराएगी,धुप तुझे जलायेगी,
    आज जो खूबसूरत बीच है
    कल श्मशान बन जायेगी|

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  3. Last month, We hiked up a mountain to see a sunset. It was almost a 20 minute hike. We were so exhausted when we reached the top. But the beauty of the place was so worth it. I was trying to a capture a good picture of the sunset. But the fog kept coming in the way. We waited there almost a hour just to see the sunset. It was so peaceful being there. I felt so relaxed.

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