Help with solution

Please can anyone guide me what’s the solution to the spam sites liking your comments and dropping message!! Earlier many such sites were only in spam which have blocked them but now they are normally liking the comments!! This is very annoying and don’t know what should be done to avoid such appropriate sites..

Those who have faced or know how to tackle please help me !! 


50 thoughts on “Help with solution

      1. I know what your saying…….spam is like a germ…creeping in everywhere……and people spamming…get away with it and everyones details…..its scary, but unfortunatly…..that is what happens and seems to be the ‘norm’ now-a-days…..So much for Data protection laws…..it is beyond me.. :}

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  1. It’s happening to me. Some weird site with multiple ip addresses is liking me and spamming me. I have contacted help and support from the app. Request you and whoever receiving it must report it to wordpress.com official or write to support@akismet.com. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Same here – only thing I could think to do was through Akismet, too. And to make sure the Akismet spam thingymaboby plug in on WP is activated okay, plus I also changed my password for WP (just to make sure). x

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  2. Yes, it started with just comments, they were replying “what” to comments. Since I have to approve comments I’d just delete them. But then they are “like”ing comments I make on other blogs. Reporting it is all you can really do, and like everyone else says, don’t click on anything. Hopefully wordpress will sort it out soon 🙂

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  3. I shoudn’t say this but this post gave me relief. I was about to post this same issue , Tanvir.
    Really annoying to see so many spam comments saying “What?” from random websites. I’m just deleting it in bulk , I hope this problem is resoled soon as many of us facing the same .

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