Parents- Treasure of Life!!!

Once there was an old man whose name was Jerry, whose only son was living in a city miles away from their village. One day Jerry decided to go to the city and visit his son, so he went to the place from where he used to receive the letters from his son. The father was very excited as he knocked the door,unfortunately the door was opened by an unknown person.

”Isn’t my son Thomas living here?” The old man inquired. No, the man replied. He have already moved.

Disappointed Jerry was about to leave when a neighbour approached and said,

”Are you looking for Thomas? This is his office address. ”The old man got happy and moved towards his son’s office.

At the reception desk he inquired about his son Thomas. ”Could you please tell me the location of my son Thomas in this office?” I am his father.

“Please wait”, replied the receptionists dialing on the phone.

Moment passing by seemed like an eternity. Thomas was shocked and told the receptionist to send his father immediately. “Tears rolled down the cheeks of Jerry as he saw his son.” Thomas was equally happy to  see his father. They simply talked with an air of awkwardness.

Then Jerry asked, ”Son can you come home for a day. It been a long time you have visited us. We miss you.”

“No,father. That’s not possible for me as I am too busy in my work.” Father simply smiled and,” Then I will be going back to the village this evening.”

“You can stay with me for few days.”, said Thomas.

Father refused his son as he didn’t wanted to become burden to his son in his busy schedule.

As the days passed Thomas felt bad the way he treated his father so he decided to visit his childhood home, to meet his parents. On reaching home he was shocked to see his parents were not at home.

He asked the neighbour,’ What happened here? My parents were supposed to be there. Where are here now?” The neighbour gave the new address where his parents were living now. The place was like graveyard and Thomas eyes were filled with tears.

Suddenly his father waved him and hugged him tightly. Thomas asked, “How are you? I didn’t expect that you would be living in such surroundings.” Thomas felt bad where his parents were living.

Jerry smiled,” I had taken a loan to pay your college fees and then again when you had to buy a new car,” Eventually the loans piled up and it became difficult for me to repay the loan. And I didn’t want to burden you with this problem, as you were already struggling with yours. At the end I sold my home  and farm to repay the loans.”

Son said you should have told me father but parents love are parents love and they didn’t want to disturb in his stressful life.

Thomas couldn’t stop crying and he hugged his father tightly and asked for forgiveness. Jerry smiled and said that there’s nothing to worry about but all what he wanted was the time and love from his son.

Parents are always there for their children and give everything they could just to make their children happy but we usually take them for granted and don’t appreciate what they do for us until it’s too late.

Once when the children find the path of success in their life, they should carry on with the new life but don’t leave your parents behind as they are true reason for your success.


No one is ever busy in their life. It’s all about the priorities.

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48 thoughts on “Parents- Treasure of Life!!!

  1. Excellent story and you have written in such beautiful words. Parents are like that they would never ever try to be a burden on their children no matter what. It is we who need to go out of our comfort zones and help them and nurture them just the way they did with us. Awesome post, Tanveer.

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