Daily challenge


An individual can only flourish in an open atmosphere of acceptance.

When the thoughts of individuals are listened and considered, as we all are from different backgrounds.

Mistakes should be accepted by the people and an individual too , in the same way as one accepts the appreciation.

Communication should be free-flowing and open and should not be hanky panky.

Live (in) and make (such) atmosphere where rules are not rigid and every member are flourishing like family member.

28 thoughts on “Flourish 

  1. Khubsurat vichar….ek paudha bhi sise band dabbe me nahi khuli hawa me apnaa khubsurti dekhata hai aur ptakriti ko apna sarwaswa deta hai…ham insaan bhala bandhan me kaise sansaar bana sakte hain…..jab khud ko hi sadaiv janjeeron me jakde paate hain.

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  2. Yes acceptance and appreciation both are very necessary, to have a sense of belonging as a human being. Communication is necessary so that, we are able to understand each other and to have healthy relationships in our families, society and the world. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Love and Light from me 🙂 ❤

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      1. Very fine, all the positive words I read here helped me to face our difficult time with positive attitude that truly given good result. Now our family is going to start a new and very happy journey. Thank my dear friend. Your words are very powerful.

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