Famous Quotes by: Martin Luther

Self awakening quote by Martin Luther:

Injustice anywhere is the threat to justice everywhere.

Every nation which ever form of government they have plays a very important role in the development of a country!! As being the head of country the people bestow all their trust to the government because they believe the government will not be bias in taking the decisions for the welfare of their family.

But if the faith shown in the system fails it leads to chaos environment among people. As  and when injustices is done it’s leaves a big question mark, “Why the  injustice is done, specially to a particular group of people or to an individual with no reason?”

When the system does any wrong to particular sect of people and leaving others, leads to a very unhealthy atmosphere and uncertainty in the minds of people. Where from the point of the system they are only concerned to fulfill their selfish motives. All are equal in the eyes of law. But when the equilibrium of the scales of statue of justice is disturbed, it will lead to anger, unhealthy environment and fights in the society.

Injustice done is not only in the form of breach of law but also in the behaviour of the people too. Apart from law injustice, individuals also crosses the line of behaviour towards the society. Injustice done in the form of how we treat people is also the matter of concern. We are good in behaviour in the eyes of the world but the people below our status are mistreated. Killing humanity is the biggest injustice done and we all are too mutually responsible for it. Tolerance and human rights are losing their value.

We all are getting developed in the field of education, technology etc along with the important topics like population increase, global warming, change in environment, poverty issues, human trafficking etc are needed to be taken care of but we are still stuck up in colour, caste and religion discrimination and leading to increase social injustice.

On same hand government are taking advantage of these issues to fulfil their selfish motives to form their party and use these problems as a weapon.

The only solution to the problem is neither do injustice with anyone and neither bear injustice, that’s the biggest justice one can do towards himself and society.

Don’t judge the people by their colour, but by the content of its character !!

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30 thoughts on “Famous Quotes by: Martin Luther

  1. khubsurat lekh…………
    Jab tak ham khud ko ek duje se shreshth kahte rahenge , jabtak apni vicharon ko ek dusre par thopte rahenge chaahe jaati ho yaa dharm, tabtak ham men se hi koyee naa koyee singhasan par baithta rahega aur ek duje ko ladaate rahega……….ham viksit ho gaye magar aaj dil men nafrat kal se kahin jyaadaa hai……..Ahankaar aur khud ko shreshth kahnewale Tribhuvan vijayi jiske chalne matra se dharti dolti thi jab wo nahi raha to ham kyaa chij hain magar ham es thathya ko nahi samjhte………
    Hinsa hinsaa ko janm deti hai,
    anyaay nyaay ka galaa ghotati hai…..
    Aap desh ka vikaash kar sakte hain magar kisi ek ko upekshit kar aman nahi laa sakte.
    kisi ke liye raat priye hai kisi ke liye din
    aap uski chahat ko badalne ka prayas naa karen. agar aisaa karte hain phir asantosh hogaa aur jab aap sirf apne ko chhodenge aur dusre ko sajaa denge tab ……ek Mahapurush paida hoga………

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  2. Yes absolutely true and agree totally with your post, Tanveer. Why and for what have we to do injustice to any one community or race. All are one in the eyes of God and who are we to judge anyone when we are not perfect. Great post.

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  3. So true!! Injustice everywhere with people getting carried away and being used as pawns by govt and politicians with selfish motives! Human life is made to look like it has no value!

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