I Can, You Can!!

I can, You can, We all can.

Move ahead successfully in life.

If we use and mange time appropriately.

Only if we learn to move ahead in life without worry and fear.

Success in life is all not about money.

It’s also about how you want to live your life in your own terms.

We all will face obstacles in life but that shouldn’t stop us moving ahead in life.

In the path with variations in mood we cannot be always nice with the people.

People might take benefit of you. So be strong and smart enough so that no one takes your advantage in life.

Hang out with people who are smarter than you , this will always help you in self-improvement.

One day your hard work will pay off.

Leaving me with double conflict. Does hard work always pay.

Or the destiny and luck also plays the equivalent role in one’s success.

But at the end it’s the mindset that distinguish us from others.

When I get up I keep repeating to myself that I can do it and will achieve my goals.

Will start my day with smile and keep repeating,


44 thoughts on “I Can, You Can!!

  1. Positivity at each and every stanza and of course I Can, We Can and We all Can definitely if we put all our effort in what we love to do. Success and failures will surely come but one has to overcome them. Awesome words, Tanveer.

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