Beliefs and perception

Don’t judge anyone by the opinion of others!!

Often people judge or form opinions about others even before they have met a person based on what they hear. As in my earlier post Rumor or Gossip!!! had mentioned how gossip or rumor can even spoil the closest relationship, so one should never judge anyone without knowing someone personally. Learn to respect every person who crosses your path, no matter how you feel about them. As there’s a phrase NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER.

Everyone is leading their own journey of life. We all have an untold story of life. So never make an important decision in life relying on what others say, because the perceptions or thoughts can be biased. We should understand the opinions of others depending on the background and how the person interprets things. As everyone have their own way of interpreting things.

Make sure while knowing someone don’t bring the past of a person who is trying to change their future as everyone you meet are  fighting their own battle. We all are humans who can make mistakes and we are also allowed to be different. Being different is not being weird. As everyone have an individuality of their own.

Many people judge someone because of ignorance. As they are happy in their own little world and do not wish to open their mind. So it becomes very important to open mind and understand things from different point of views.

Many are emotional in taking decisions and many are practical in life depending on their upbringing, their own beliefs and thoughts.

Always believe in what you know about me and not what you heard about me.

I as a person have grown up in an environment where humanity and self behaviour is my personality and religion. I would love to step into the shoes of other person and then take decision rather than believing in grapevine information. None of us have right to form an opinion on someone nor to mistreat anyone. Before forming an opinion about others or mistreating anyone, think once if the same happens with you.

Got something to say. Have you experienced any such incident. Share your thoughts in comment section.

45 thoughts on “Don’t judge anyone by the opinion of others!!

  1. Dear friend,

    In doing so it has severe consequences, karmic reactions, even when talking about a third person or thinking bad of him or her, is like throwing a stone into water and the ripples are going on and on (karmic debts with interest…) – they can be like tsunamies and hurt feelings, break hearts, develop hate and aversion.

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend
    All good wishes

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  2. Manav ka itihas sadiyon se hain …….aaj tak koyee purn nahi.
    ham bhi nahi………bilkul sahi kaha…..kisi ke baare men ham kuchh bhi anuman lagana aur kisi ke kahne par uska tiraskaar karna kahin se bhi sahi nahi…….ek doost byakti se bhi ham apna kaam nikal sakte hain……..
    duniyan men koyee bhi bastu bekar nahi ……phir koyee byakti kaise……
    ho sakta hai hamen usse baat karne ka tarika ahchcha naa ho…..shayad ham use prabhavit naa kar paaye ho.
    nafrat nafrat ko janm deti hai….

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  3. This was absolutely wonderful and so well written! I am the least judgmental person, but I swear that is all I am surrounded by. I do not feel like anyone has any right to judge another as we never really know what they are going through!! I am really looking forward to reading more of your posts!!!

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  4. My eldest daughter is having dyslexia, and known to others as a average student. We can’t explain this to others as many people don’t know about dyslexia even now. Only marks are counted not intelligence. She’s very good in her music getting good marks in her music exams and good in dance we are very happy about that and as a parents we encourage her only in that. Not all persons understand us, nowadays I am not expecting that with anyone.

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    1. Studies are not only the way to determine child’s future !! Well said by you that you are concentrating on developing your child extra curricular activity and you are correct why to except from anyone to understand!! Rather make those efforts and energy to develop the confidence of your child !! I wish your daughter does more in life far beyond anyone’s thought!! As every child have a unique quality !! Why to even make a child feel that they are facing any problem!! All are not same! Every one are good at something or the other!!


      1. I am very lucky to have them, my younger one is also having little trouble in her way. I don’t want to fill this comment section with troubles. I understand everything in life is for some purpose my duty is to find the purpose and led them to create their own way. Thank you for your support dear. I am very glad about your lovely words.

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  5. this is so true✌️ but the problem is people are not practising it. this is very important to understand the fact that every person is walking on their own path. it can’t be same as yours

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  6. So true!! We always become judgemental based on other’s feedback rather than understanding the situation ourselves!! The biggest examples are media and social media these days!! People believe with eyes-closed whatever rumour is circulated on whatsapp or fb and results are for us to see…similarly we believe in what the media people show us….be it a person, vip, celebrity, city, country, anything!

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