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One day you entered into our lives.

Became friends and treated you as brother.

Wonderful 4 years of school time.

Beautiful new session of 12 standard.

I still remember it was wonderful sunny morning of saturday and you kept smiling from window.

Told me to check my desk.

Lovely photographs of investiture ceremony were there.

Never knew that saturday was our last day of being together. Though saturday is always full of fun because of half day.

But that saturday was different.

You were having lunch at home, when your friends called you for car drive.

Boom!! Sunday morning phone rings.

Your car had met with an accident and suddenly you disappear from our lives along with your three other friends.

It’s been 15 years and seems like it was yesterday.

Waiting to see you and your mischief smile again.

via Daily Prompt: Disappear

37 thoughts on “Disappear

  1. kyaa khub likhaa hai…..aapkaa lekh hameshaa kabiletaarif hotaa hai….
    har marz ka dawaa hai…
    bas apnon ke diye dard ka dawaa aaj tak nahi bana.
    chaahe we dharti par hain
    yaa chhod kar sadaa ke liye chale gaye.

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