Women- who is she?????

A woman wants power,luxury, money.

Someone who agrees upon her unnecessary tantrums!

That’s what the world thinks.

Atleast not all but majority of men.

Why the world forgets she too have feelings.

Men have their own tantrums too. They achieve success, power not only to fulfill the desires for their lady.

But also that’s their own desire and ambition too.

Like every person have a beautiful story to say.

She to have one to tell the world. The other side of who she is as an individual.

A journey only she has the power to fulfill.

A personality who is capable of doing multitasking.

She have the capability to grow.

Walks and crosses the path full of thorns.

That only tores her apart from outside.

But no problem is big enough that can tore her from inside.

She is enthusiastic, energetic and only knows how to share. 

She embraces the world in her arms.

As she speaks only the language of understanding, love and care.

She have the capability to connect and combine all relationships.

She is confident, who deserves equal success.

Deep within the heart, only she knows her power.

She needs nothing more than an acknowledgement in return.

That’s just a simple gesture and gratitude we can give to a woman who is as vast as an ocean.

She is found in you and me

36 thoughts on “Women- who is she?????

  1. Some women do like these things and live for that, but we’re all different and on different life paths. It would be equally unfair to think that all men are selfish and only sex oriented.
    Thank you for this reminder! 🤗🤗

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