Daily challenge · Poem


Life is like an ocean.

We don’t know where the tides of the ocean are going to take us.

Often leaving us in such shores which we haven’t even dreamt of.

Let’s be so strong, humble and meet every people in our lives with love and care.(1)

As people will come with flow of waves and out with the tide.

Leaving a strong impact in our lives. Let’s be vibrant and be ready to face the challenges of life.

Let not the tide shake our balance, as we have clearly drawn our boundaries. (2)


via Daily Prompt: Tide

27 thoughts on “Tide

  1. So beautiful.

    Although we have no idea where the tides will take us and the ocean may seem vast, but we will still be in a place called the earth and everything is connected.
    It is enormous and unknown, but at the same time it is consistent and familiar.

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