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How to deal with politics at work place…..

The governance of activities and making efforts to improve in an organisation in a diplomatic manner can be termed as politics.

But from decades the meaning of politics have been changed by people. Rather than creating a healthy environment people have started taking the term politics as a dirty tool to put forward their thoughts. This have created a very unhealthy atmosphere. We as part of society neither should be shy nor keep ourselves away from politics. Where there is an issue there will be politics but what matters is how you resist with it. But people with different nature have started playing games in the name of politics. People change, the ideas change, behaviour change according to the circumstances but the people on other end without having complete knowledge will think you are playing dirty politics.

So how can we make situations better. First of all, stop making a hype over the word ”politics”. As when you create a hype for anything you will start hating it and then you want to run away from it. Rather than creating the suffocation for the word let’s see how you can tackle with the world by staying within the politics.

Politics is all about likes and dislikes of people. People will air about you either positively or negatively. That’s how people are. It’s completely up to us how we react. Either you become a source of inspiration and enthusiasm and work on your creativity or pull your leg towards the downfall. Undoubtedly, work is more powerful than unnecessarily speaking. How can you make your work place a better place to work. 

  • Make friends : When ever any conflict is arising at your work place make sure to act as a fire extinguisher and unite the people by solving problems and create a healthy environment rather than enjoying the moments by back biting. When you isolate yourself from negative politics people will start trusting you and become your friends and hence will give a rise to the true meaning of politics.
  • Do your work in time: When other colleagues are subject to take credit of your work, make sure you complete your work timely and make sure you highlight the work in front of your bosses adequately during meeting. What you are doing the information should be properly channelized among co-workers, bosses to avoid any confusion and hence it will help to build your reputation and prove your ability.
  • Change the Culture from within: One should always contribute towards the culture of the company by respecting the values of the people and make sure you stand for the wrong things by not participating in wrong doing rather always appreciate the work of your teammates and encourage the positive path with new ideas and accepting suggestions.
  • Seek to understand before being understood: Why people often feel that they are being misunderstood. It’s because they always want the others should understand them and but never take an incentive to understand their point of view. So to makes things better always make efforts to understand the situations by putting yourself into the shoes of others  before creating any kind of misconceptions. Top management should never suppress the views and suggestions of their subordinates. Instead they should listen and make them feel as the part of the organisation, if they want the subordinates should understand their problems to. An organisation should work as a family and not as strangers.
  • Never take side : Often when a person is squeezed between two high officials, where decision is to be taken regarding a particular project, you make sure that you give your opinion which are in the interests of the company.

Make sure to maintain a distance between your organisation and personal life. After your office never talk about your work and boss and in company make sure you never discuss about your family life. This will help you to stay away from gossips.

In every company people look for leaders. Always act as a leader, guide and refrain the staff from negative politics, rivalries, jealousy and back stabbing.

These were few points in my mind. Many readers are working, would be glad if you share your experiences of how you deal with office politics.


35 thoughts on “How to deal with politics at work place…..

  1. Bahut hi badhiya office politics ke points ko darshaya hai…….Ham sab me ek netritva karne ki kshamta hoti hai…..Jiske karan kahi vichaar maanga jaaye yaa nahi….Ham apna vichaar rakh dete hai….Jo takarav ka karan banta hai aur shuru ho jaati hai politics….
    Chanakya ne kaha hai….
    Apni vichaar tab do jab mangana jaaye,
    Utna hi bolo jitnaa jarurat hai…..Sabhi khush rahenge….

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  2. There’s a saying from the Bible that goes, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” More and more I grow aware of what a powerful tool of destruction or healing this little organ can be. Good post. Food for thought. Hope you’re having a lovely week. Bless you. πŸ™‚

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  3. Sure and agree totally with your encouraging post again, Tanveer our tongue has no control and once we let it out then we hurt other people so much and we have to restrain ourselves with the points that you have so nicely laid down in your post. Thanks dear.

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  4. You’re absolutely right about leadership! Our influence is leadership, so we must take that responsibility seriously and see it for what it is. Thank you!

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  5. Treat everybody with the courtesy and respect you would expect to receive.
    Another thing, we spend most of our lives at work… A small but necessary statement, have something to say, be kind. Nothing to say, leave it at that.
    Just my input Tanvir.

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