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Line of control for media!!

Media a very powerful tool and a sword arm for a democratic country. Media acts as  a watchdog which provides the information to the public and works for the welfare of the country. They are full responsible for their act since they provide information on national basis and any error can lead to severe consequences.

Undoubtedly, media have helped in creating awareness among people and have helped in understanding the surroundings. It not only strengthens the society but also helps in shaping the public opinion.

Without mass communication we cannot imagine the life. However, the question arises  “how well media are playing their role?” Is there any line of control to what extent they can interfere in obtaining the information and how well they picturise to the society. I don’t want to compare the media with the media of other countries or else our society will completely lose the trust in the mass communication.

Now a days media have just became a platform for sensational news. There are number of news that the country should know but only limited news are put forward in a very sensational manner.  Not going far let’s pick up the recent story Death of Sridevi where the nation was feeling remorse for losing the actor, but on the other hand it was a spice for the media. 

They forgot their role and social responsiblity towards a democratic country and went over board in representing the story. Like 

  • The actor was indulged in alcohol.
  • Why there is delay in the clearance of body from Dubai.
  • It’s a doubt of murder and uncountable number of weird allegations.

Can’t the news be made simple, informative and once released, shouldn’t the media move on to the next news. A country like ours where various sectors needs to be highlight but among many only 2 % of the news are worth watching.

In India 70% of the rural household depends on agriculture and yet India faces maximum suicide cases. In 2016 approx  6867 farmers had committed suicide. What did media do. Picked up one news made it sensational but of course less happening than Sridevi’s death news and repeatedly same news showed in every news channels at regular intervals.

  • Every year number of army officers give their lives for the nation.
  • According to 2012 report 22% of the population is below poverty line.
  • Creation of employment is not able to match the speed of increasing population of our country.
  • Reservation problem. How it’s hampering the economic growth of our country.

Many other important factors that needs to be highlighted but rather than giving news up to point and help the government  in providing various kinds of alternatives to solve the issues, leading to the development of the country, what are they doing. Just making the news as BREAKING NEWS and only providing the negativity in the information given by them.

Today media highlights the news on :

  1. Excessive focus of celebrities.
  2. Showing news that have no relevance.
  3. Made a profit area segment.
  4. Jumping to the conclusion without listening to both the parties.
  5. Sensational.
  6. Every news channel have become biased in supporting the parties.

Rather than helping the center in the development of the country they too have been acting as barrier in the work of the government. As said earlier we retrieve and believe the information given by the media. But media only highlights the setbacks of the government. Have they ever made the comparison chart of work done and not done by any of the political parties. Hence, it they had given the summarized chart of pros and cons than it would be easier for us to elect the government during the time of elections.

 Hope, the media had played the equal role and made efforts when suspects were raised on the death of Hon. PM Lal Bahadur Shastri.

It’s very important that media should understand that they are the most powerful tool of communication. They should help in promoting the Right information at Right time. They shouldn’t act as fuel to the fire and mislead the society. World is moving in terms of progress but when we look towards the society, it feels something is still missing.

75 thoughts on “Line of control for media!!

  1. True.. Sridevi thing was highlighted so much was to hide Nirav Modi Scam. Also so many important things happened during the same time and media thought it was so important to highlight sridevi’s death 😑

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  2. Hello Tanvir,

    great post. Posts with this topic are rare over the internet.Media,hm….they are so powerful and they serve as a means of manipulation over people.I think free media is utopian. Every time we need to think twice after we hear some news !

    Keep writing Tanvir

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  3. you raise some very vital points but their only interest is to sell a product, make a profit … they seldom understand their responsibility .. I chose to read only headlines because I know its distorted and sensationalised. We need to monitor our intake and eventually they might be forced to become more accurate …

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  4. A very meaningful article! Happy that you highlighted these issues! What you said is true, but as Indians we also have a responsibilty to watch meaningful news, but we don’t. The TRPs of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha TV shows are abysmally low!

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    1. As audience we have less role as will watch what is shown and if news are highlighted as in earlier days in Doordarshan or currently bbc . Absolutely well said in comment media have forgotten what are their social
      Thank you for deep thought and sharing your views

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      1. True. But not all channels are government channels, no? It’s the market dictating the content, mostly, else they are forced to shut down. Very few people watch DD News even now. Rest, I fully agree.

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  5. Khubsurat lekha………sahi binduon par aapne prakash dala hai…..sach kaha log TRP ke liye pramukh lekh ko dikhane ke vajay kuchh mahan hastiyon aur TV serial ke aas paas ghumte rahta hai……….. hamen bhi patrakar ke sthiti par ek kavita likha tha jise main share kar raha hun shayad aapko pasand aaye…….

    लोकतंत्र का मंदिर संसद, पत्रकार स्तंभ,
    ऊपर से मजबूत,जीर्ण हैं भीतर से ये खम्भ।
    मानवता का नाम जुबाँ पर,
    मानव से क्या काम,
    अपनी-अपनी ख्याति में सब,
    भूल गए इंसान,
    धर्म बना है आज एजेंडा, आंखें हैं अब नम,
    ऊपर से मजबूत,जीर्ण हैं भीतर से ये खम्भ।

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  6. Absolutely agree with you Tanvir. Media is only behind trp ratings and seem to have forgotten their social responsibility. We grew up watching DD news. The coverage was so good without sensationalizing any news. Now the loud jarring debates hog the limelight where no one listens to the other. I have stopped watching news on TV now.

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  7. Reblogged this on !ns¡ght and commented:
    A very meaningful and very logically explained by Tanir highlighting significant points relating to the blasphemy and PRESTITUDE media, I must say not all but some are like so evident. please do read.

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  8. Absolutely meaningful and thoughtful post, Tanveer. You have explained and highlighted important and informative points relating to the Media which gives us news which is sometimes good and sometimes blasphemy. This Sridevi issue was taken out of proportion and so much nonsense. It looks that the Media will not allow the person and his family to give a proper burial too. Great post.

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  9. Eye opener post I would say.Yes media is poisoning the society on the other hand just for TRP.As you mentioned,Sridevi’s death was made that sensational .No media had the responsibility to show what was happening at Syria when sridevi’s death demise dominated.Those crying faces of small children who didn’t know the reason for war or death was terrible.
    A thought provoking one.Thanks for writing it !!!!

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  10. This is a powerful post. Just how much news does one need to be a functional human being? I agree with you and believe we only need a tiny fraction of what is out there . With so much negativity, manipulation and consumerism, I’d say the less, the better.Thanks for sharing.

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  11. High time a quality stringency was made on news media. Apparently some TV news channels are registered as Infotainment channels and not News channels, which is appaling and people see them for news. And less said about social media news authenticity the better. Info Ministry regulations have been inanely slow on this issue

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  12. Great post!

    At the same time it is us, the audience, who choose what to receive as information. If people prefer watching news on celebrities, rather than news on terrible things happening in developing countries, surely the media will focus on celebrities in order to make profit.

    I feel like the media reflects our society ; if people are concerned about environmental issues, they will provide information on them. Rather than mourning an actor’s death, if people want to know his/her gossips, media will talk about gossips.
    Media will just follow whatever the information people want. So it might be our role to change the media…

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    1. Ya to a certain extent I agree to your point of view as it goes both hand in hand but at the same a person at same time shouldn’t forget his or her responsibilities. Like parents make a balance in fulfilling the demands of child and decide which to agree and which not to agree upon in the same way the media should maintain the balance in providing the news too and moreover they are one of the source for awareness !!
      Thank you for the wonderful feedback and lovely response

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      1. Maintaining the balance is absolutely important! I guess we all need to grow up intellectually, as well as the media. I believe in the power of the media, which can be used to in both good and bad way, and what’s good is that if they exercise their power in a good way, it can give a great impact on our society.

        Thank you for your reply! 🙂

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