All that Glitters is not Gold!!

A beautiful quote by Shakespeare in his play Merchant of Venice:


How beautifully William Shakespeare expressed in his play that  nothing should be valued by it’s outer beauty but it should be valued by it’s inner nature. As what is shown outside often deceives us.

Though, a lot changes have taken place in these centuries but one thing that have not changed is judging people from their outer personality than their real character. Even today many may appear like a decent personality, man of integrity but when we consider the person closely and try to figure out about them in-depth we find huge difference in what they tend to appear and what they are in actual.

We are living in a world where outer appearances matters a lot. Often people and objects are judged by clothes they wear, money they have or how attractive the showrooms are etc. We forget that even time fades, saturation comes to the amount of money earned but what not fades is the inner personality of a person. A person’s core nature will either attract everyone with the beautiful fragrance or will create a distance with all because of smell like a rotten food.

It’s a great achievement for a person  when he finds, and appreciates the inner qualities of a person. As the true beauty is the core character of an individual.

It’s very easy to fall in a trap by getting fascinated by outer brightness. Like poor and moderate earning people get very attracted towards the lifestyle of rich people. The comforts and  amount of money spend by them certainly looks very wonderful and are like magnets which attract everyone but in actual many high-class people are so engrossed in their social life and earning money that they forget their basic responsibilities towards family and children. Where as the poor and people with sufficient funds have ample of quality of time for their family and bestow culture, values to their children.

For rich people of course a life of a peasant is not attractive but yes at times they do think how comfortable and easy life they live with, having no worries. While they forget that many have to struggle for even one time meal.

In short, the moral is every thing looks very great until one steps into the shoes of others. All seems very bright but once you step into their shoes you will see how deceiving the personality was. Rather than making our lives dissatisfied because the life of others seems to be more pleasing we should work on enhancing and polishing our qualities. Which will certainly lead to the ladder of success and will glow the environment with our wonderful nature.

To conclude, it will foolish of us to judge anyone from outer appearance. God have given all of us with wonderful qualities. Rather than getting jealous or attractive towards the sparkling world, one should work with there inner qualities and improve. Because it’s truly said that people when get attracted with outer beauty which stays only for a short period of time but what stays for the life long are the inner qualities of a person.

So never come to the conclusion when you meet someone for the first time as it’s not necessary that the  first impression you get while meeting a person for first is always the way appears to be from outside.



32 thoughts on “All that Glitters is not Gold!!

  1. Truely said that outer beauty stays for a short period of time and the inner qualities for a long time .
    One incident happened with me I met one person who is my best friend now ,at one time in the past I used to hate him dont know why but when I came to know him he is very inocent ,very kind hearted . Just wanted to tell as you correctly said we cant judge the people from the outer beauty ,may be he have good qualities inside . Nice post ,loved it .

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  2. Even today many may appear like a decent personality, man of integrity but when we consider the person closely and try to figure out about them in depth we find huge difference in what they tend to appear and what they are in actual.
    Very true lines 👌

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  3. This was such a beautiful message, thank you!! Its so sooo important to value the interior, precious parts of people most-because that’s where their true beauty lies.❤

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  4. bahut khubsurat quote of William Shakespeare aur utna hi khubsurti se apne apna vichar byakt kiya hai…..sahi kaha apne jo dikhta hai wah hota nahi…….bechain si jindagi ek duje ko dekh taraste hain……kya pata wah ek sham roti ko taras raha ho.

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  5. So well said Tanvir. I have also seen that many a time people are also judged based on their profession. It is sad that the inner beauty of a person hardly matters to most, as compared to their outward appearances. It is high time we need to change that perspective!

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  6. A wonderful post! “…foolish of us to judge anyone from outer appearance” – definitely very true, the outer appearance is not something that can tell us about the person, their life, their goodness or their soul. Well said.x

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