Why me??? 

With the beginning of new year which is filled with new hopes, aspirations and desires, I wish the resolutions made by all  are fulfilled with efforts. Continuing with my common resolution to work on myself to be a better person as each day passes and few new resolutions made, among few one resolution I promised to myself of not saying “Why me?”. Anything bad happens why it always happens with me. 

How many of us have often realised or given a thought that what ever good we do, is it purely out of love or we except something good in return. Often I hear people saying, I had done so much good for him but look at what he have done to me. Not realising the true feelings a person had from inside, he keeps thinking why the relations haven’t improved even after such efforts. Simple answer is that the efforts were purely not with fair intentions.

We often forget that what we do, we get back in return. We have all  studied in Economics the  vicious circle of poverty where if income remains low leading to low-level of savings and investment and hence the poor is caught in the trap of poverty. In the same way humans are caught in the vicious circle of karmas. Where all deeds are stored in our account and slowly with time we get it back in return either in the form of reward or in the form of punishment.

I suppose the best resolution in this year we should all make is to be positive in nature and in karma too. We should make efforts to avoid maximum negative atmosphere around us. If the dealing with one was not appropriate, than make sure that when you meet the person next time it’s a fresh start with high hopes of love and affection. Because with time when we change our costume, we tend to forget after certain time what happened in the past. And some day even when all is going right and suddenly a jerk changes life leaving you in a situation of ‘WHY ME’‘. Why this happened to me when I had done nothing bad with anyone. Forgetting that this was the accumulation of our  karmas. So don’t satisfy your thoughts with a saying that this was all a  destiny decided by God. Because like the parents will never want their child to be unwell or face any problems. In the same way God will never want his children to be unhappy. So every action, thoughts and behaviour given to the world is our karma. So the situations and energy we are getting was once given by us.

Before saying ‘‘WHY ME’‘ think carefully with your own behaviour, thoughts and energy given by you to the world. Equation is simple if you give love you will get love in return. Today, you slap someone, tomorrow or someday you will get in return. Everything is predestined. As it is based on our previous actions. That’s why it’s said by our elders that make your today better by your good deeds. Spread love and make environment positive as this will strengthen your roots and your character.

Everything happens for a reason and it’s better to find the reason before blaming to anyone. Problem doesn’t lie in having a problem but it lies when we repeatedly do the same mistakes over and over again.

Hope my thoughts were clear and well explained. Though thoughts were simple but hope the gist was well explained. A come back  from holidays with a positive note. Don’t forget to share your thoughts.

34 thoughts on “Why me??? 

  1. Hi Tanveer, this is a great post and I agree – of course, we create the circumstances. But, sometime there is another element in play, that is, the situation is a test paper that will come to us time and time again until we learn the lesson. As they say a Lesson Repeats until it is learnt. Karma is such a deep topic. But, if we see – what is this trying to teach me, it changes the whole feeling towards the situation, from why me, to what can I learn from this, what can I change, this is an opportunity for me …

    Love this post of yours so great, and it short and sweet. Last year I did a series of 3 post on karma. But this one post is perfect.

    have a great sunday and rest of the week. Regards Bella

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  2. This is well written and and awakening message. So true but very less accepted . Its beautiful and remarkable how you have expressed such an important and deep thought.

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  3. I so agree with this! Finding little happy things to appreciate daoly are honestly what make me content and at peace-more so than any one big thing, really. xoxo

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