Don’t be sorry for…………

In my previous post Saying an Apology!!! I had discussed about the importance of apology in life!! No doubt saying sorry helps in building the blocks of emotional feelings and improving interpersonal relationships. Apology is a way of acknowledging the other person who is hurt regardless who so ever is at fault!!

But sometimes there are situations in life which might hurt or offend people but that may be necessary for your own personal growth, self-esteem or happiness. Sometimes for your own decisions might  hurt other people, but that doesn’t mean you are bad but it shows that you also care about yourself and take decisions that are difficult when they are in your favour .

There are few things in life for which you should never be or feel an apology!!!

  • Never apologise for having an opinion:  Self expression is a positive tool of communication and right of every individual. Every individual being from different background have their own thoughts. Automatically every one will have their own point of view and at any point of discussions the opinion of an individual may differ but doesn’t refers that he or she is wrong.
  • Making a positive change in your life: Positive change in life should be rewarded and not punished. Many times people around you don’t want you change, even if the change is better for you. Good or bad, people might want you to remain the same but at that point taking decision for self is not to be regretted for.
  • Never apologise for your imperfections: None of us are perfect. I suppose imperfections should be embraced rather than criticize. It’s the imperfections only in a person that make him or her unique.
  • Never apologise for taking out time for self: Spending  time with oneself is very important as we all know. People may nag you by giving  time to self and may call you introvert. I suppose that can never be a reason to be bothered as giving time to self as it  helps in focusing the thoughts and to recharge your energy.
  • Never apologise for Saying “No”:  Sometimes it’s good to say no. You don’t need to agree on a matter you think it’s not appropriate from your prospective specially if it’s in well-being, just because someone wants you to say Yes. It’s better to say sorry if you have disappointed someone rather than apologise.
  • Never apologise for getting emotional:  A person without emotions is like banging your head on wall. We all experience with different emotions like love, care , compassion, anger etc. If someone can’t understand your feelings and leaves you in vulnerability, might tempt you to hide your emotions or apologise to hide them among these people. Which means it’s better to stay away from such people who can’t be the part of your feelings.
  • Never apologise for following your dreams: Life is too short to apologise for living the life we want to. The day you being to pursue your dream your life wakes up, adding meaning to every thought of yours. Chase your dreams and don’t apologise for wanting more from work.

Never apologise for what you feel, it’s like saying sorry for being REAL. 

39 thoughts on “Don’t be sorry for…………

  1. We definitely need to learn to say « no » … boundaries are essential… just like never apologising or feeling weird for the changes we make in our life. As you said: it’s OUR life.
    Thank you for reminding!

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