Saying an Apology!!!

We often feel bad when we hurt someone intentionally or unintentionally. While hurting someone we may not realise it’s consequences but later giving a thought what we have done makes us feel guilty. Although saying sorry is a matter of seconds but many find it difficult to apologise. It can be a matter of pride or ego that can hurt the feelings and a thought that it might show their weakness. However, the thought is opposite. It is a very strong discussion take by a person who accepts the mistake done by him and apologise and a big heart to say sorry even if the mistake is not done by a person.

Apology is also one of the most important part of good manners too, it’s more about the refinement of your character. But once you have apologised for what you have done and other person have accepted your apology than make pretty sure that you don’t pick up that matter over and over again. Just move on without worrying.

Coming to main thought on the importance of saying sorry!!!

Apology or sorry is such a powerful tool that leads to forgiveness and helps in healing many beautiful relationships. It’s a tool which chooses relationship over ego. Undoubtedly, one need to gather a lot strength to apologise but it’s not difficult when it gives happiness and brings a smile to your loved one and an act of gratitude to the unknown people.

Let us talk about the benefits of asking for an apology: 

  •   An apology helps in re-establishing a connection again with any relationships you facing a problem. It helps to reduce stress and gives you an opportunity to move ahead from tensions.
  • It’s helps to restore the confidence and understanding to any relationship because it helps in connecting emotionally and strengthening the relationships.
  • An apology is like a perfume, it can change the awkward moment into gracious gift.

Is it difficult to apologise???

There’s often a fear when we apologize, because of the thought that

  • One might appear weak.
  • Might have to face embarrassment.
  • Might lose respect in the eyes of people.
  • Might misunderstood by few and make matters even worse.
  • The issue might be escalated in the eyes of the people who were unaware of the matter.
  • Some may see apology as a confirmation of guilt and as result might lead to a conflict. etc

I know all these fears are real. Among all when you are genuinely feeling sorry, the main reason why one finds apologizing difficult is that how one will receive the apology. But remember one thing an apology is one of the strongest form of communication and an art to learn how and when to say an apology.


An apology cannot undo what has been done, but it can help to ease the pain and tension of the repercussions. It gives hope for  restoring and puts value on relationships rather than individual’s pride.

At the same forgiveness is equally important. Never misunderstand the sincere apology of a person. Though what happened cannot be revived but it’s not an end, as the next door is a beginning of new path and forgiving one without pride and self appreciation also depicts the generosity of an individual. Showing how beautiful nature one has. As I said before once the apology accepted don’t talk on the matter ever again, so same is the case with forgiveness. Never suppress the other person with the obligation of giving forgivness.

Quotes related to Apology and forgiveness, making the whole thought shared more clear:

Apologizing does not always mean that you are wrong and other person right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.

Mentally strong person asks for an apology but an ever stronger person knows an art of forgiveness.

No one is perfect in this world so just learn an art to mend the broken heart. 

49 thoughts on “Saying an Apology!!!

      1. [ Smiles ] Oh, I will be happy to elaborate.

        There are those instances when both parties believe that they are correct; that often leads to an argument or a fight.

        For the sake of rectifying a relationship, it is wise to apologise.

        One must keep into consideration, do I want peace, or do I want to be right?

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  1. Well articulated post Tanvir. While apologising comes easily to me, if I am wrong or no doesn’t matter. What I need to learn is the art of forgiveness. Somehow the hurt somebody caused makes a deep scar which becomes difficult to heal.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Rahiman dhaga prem ka mat todo chatkaay,
    tute par phir naa jude, jude gaath par jaaye,

    bahut sundar lekh likha……maafi ek aisaa shabd jo badi se badi galti ko bhi bhula deti hai……sahi kaha maafi har koyee nahi mang sakta …..eske liye sasakt mashtishk hona chahiye saath hi maaf bhi sab koyee nahi kar sakta ….eske liye bhi tandurust mashtishk hona chahiye…………jaan tak hamara sawaal hai……hamen maafi mangne men koyee sarm nahi saath hi koshish karta hun ki koyee galti naa ho…..phir bhi jab kalam chalti hai… bahut log aise hain jinke dil dukh hi jaate hain…..magar sachchaayee likhne men ye jaante huye bhi kalam nahi ruk paati………jaise reservation…etc.,……..phir bhi agar kisi ka dil dukhta hai aur wah bolta hai to safayee ke saath maafi maang riste ko bahut dur tak le jaaya jaa sakta hai……..badhiya lekh.

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  3. This was a great post. Anyone who finds is difficult to either apologize or forgive has a deep rooted problem. And I also liked the part where you have said moving on without picking up over and over again after forgiveness has been given. That is so important, or else forgiveness has not been truly given, no? Also, when one forgives, it is both parties who feel relieved of the burden of the wrongdoing.

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  4. Keeping in check the “I-am-always-right” ego is a daily challenge… and yes, it’s difficult to recognise we’re wrong and owe an apology… long path on the way of improving…

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  5. I had a great problem and took a long tenure to accept the importance of sorry for the very well reasons mentioned above. However, I am glad I am able to transform myself and understand what you have expressed with so much clarity above for it actually helps!

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