Memories sweet and sour

Thank you note!!!

September 😊😊😊 my birthday month!!

My husband is  super in giving surprises and always makes me feel  special on special occasions. This time being my birthday, he calls me up from the office to pack my bag  for 4 days, since we have to go out for some work. Had a little idea about what he was up to.

Packed  our bags and here we are  ready to go out on Saturday the 9th of September. Sorry for sharing my feelings late as this post is very special to me, so wanted to take a bit time to express. From the time he entered the address in navigation , till the last vignette he paid I had no clue where we were going. Finally, when I saw the sign board of Hungary, was sure we were going BUDAPEST. My husband could feel the happiness on my face.

On our way to Budapest the scenic beauty was marvellous. Had never seen a beautiful fields of pumpkins like this.

Pumpkin Field!! 😍😍😆

We reached Budapest in evening and after getting fresh we went to square! Haww what a beautiful place. Summers in evening are always very warm and great. Full of lights and enthusiasts environment. Undoubtedly, have a lots of pictures to share so sharing few of them in the form of collage.

Lovely theme party was going on. All dressed in white and enjoying tea party. Giving cake as presents!! Loved the watching party and the dresses what all were wearing

Talking about the architecture of Europe without doubt it’s beautiful and well admiring. Square of the any city always attracts me a lot in summers and also during Christmas when Christmas market is there and lights all around.

Really beautiful statue depicting different emotions.

Later, in the evening we had some coffee and were strolling in the market. Enjoying and watching  people, going to various souvenir shops. Went to casino for some masti!! Oops!!! 😀😀😀😀!! Had a lovely dinner at Hard Rock Cafe!! Really outstanding ambience and wonderful music played!! We were really on a holiday mood and enjoying the night life. Didn’t wanted to go back to the hotel, so we were casually strolling in the market and then I saw ICEBAR. Some how after watching Namaste London wanted to see how it looks like in real. Omg it was soo chilly and all were enjoying at their best.

Next day after having breakfast we bought  the tickets of hop on hop off bus. Full day explored the city.. We first went to Budhacastle. Indeed it’s a beautiful place to visit and every corner of the castle is to be well admired. Beautiful view !!

The above picture on the right is of train which takes the passengers  to and  from the castle giving a magnificent view of the city.

​​The above video is wonderful watching of military outside military museum!! Than we have had gone

Than we visited the wine festival that was taking in one of the terraces of Buda Castle!! At the hour we had visited few were opening and many stalls were settled.  We were lucky to visit the castle when festival was going on. Perfect sunny weather.

Buda Castle is so beautiful and there’s a lot to watch out there!  We had spent around 2 or 3 hours out there. Still felt we have missed something!! After wine festival we visited the Budapest History Museum.

Entrance of the museum
First picture is the full view of the castle in early times!! Picture next to Castle is Gothic statuary of the Buda Royal Palace
2nd picture is of silk spear used for decoration in 14th century

Above pictures are of utensils and jewellery used in different era of history. Changed as per the development of the society

Budapest Museum indeed a worth visiting place in castle, depicting the history of Buda and Pest and Buda hill!! There’s a lot information and pictures of museum that I wanted to share but due to limitations sharing only the selected photographs and information about the images.

After that we had gone back to square and went to Starbucks to relax. We were really exhausted. We had spent a quality time out there for an hour or so and then went for cruise.

Beautiful click on our way back to the square. Undoubtedly, it’s said well about Budapest that if you have not seen the night life of the city you have watched nothing. We had a lovely one hour time on cruise. Lovely breeze of air touching face and giving beautiful feeling. And truly beyond expressions the city looks magnificent. Different outlook of the surroundings during day and night.

IMG_4017 - Copy
Budda Castle clicked at two different timings giving a magnificent view of the castle showing the transition of the beautiful castle from day to night.

IMG_4055 - Copy

Some pictures are captured in my memories. The cruise was so lovely that it’s difficult to describe the feelings at moment. Because a lot  is enjoyed through the camera of eyes.


Next day we visited Heroes square, a major square in Budapest, Hungary known for its iconic statute complex featuring the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars and other important Hungarian leaders and as well as the tomb of unknown soldier. Spend some fruitful time. Admiring each and every statue of the square. Memorable place to visit and learning about the history of the place.


By the end of the day the time spend with my husband was marvellous. Thank you for the lovely time given by you for making the day special. You are such a sweet person who carries all the relationships with love and care unconditionally. The best gift received was the lovely smile on your face. Who needs a sunshine till the time I get to see the best smile on your adorable face pumpkin!!

Smiles and frown, laughs and cries, give and take, ups and downs,good times and bad times have seen and some unseen hurdles may come but will always be there as a rock for each other in the journey of life . 

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  1. bahut khubsurat photograph …..apne sang sang sabko bhraman kara diya…….
    aapki antim ki laayeene dil ko chhu gayee…..
    Apne ho safar men to thakan nahi hota,
    bin apno ke safar men jashan nahi hota.
    Happy Birthday.

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