Life before internet!!!

Today, you ask anyone whether it be children or adults to stay few minutes without mobile or internet and you could read their faces. Wide open with shock as if you have taken their life away.

I would like to count myself in the category of the parents/ people who don’t care leaving their mobiles at home. Like it’s not a big deal for them. Well it’s hard for today’s generation to understand who are brought up in the high-tech world where wi-fi and internet package have become necessity than a good standard of life. Where a connection with social media and google is a part of daily routine. You will not find a single person in real to help you  when you need them but thousands of friends in social media to like and comment on your photographs and status uploaded.

I have a question for all the readers today and please drop your thoughts in the comment section.

 Can you imagine your life without internet- say Instagram , Facebook, Twitter etc? If yes, what’s the difference in lifestyle?

Not going much far, could  imagine life of our parents and people surrounded by them. They being the perfect example who lived life without internet.

Let’s compare their and our lives simultaneously!!

  • They had time to meet people and interact during the time of group projects as there was no google or any social site to search for answers. The absence of internet helped more in interaction with people and clarifying all questions that they had in mind. Thus, helped to enhance their skills.
  • They actually got the chance to go library and look for the answers rather than just typing in google for search
  • Unforgettable are those times when we were small and used to listen songs by going to the stores and bought CDs and actual cassette tapes because their was no YouTube and iTunes facility.
  • After a tough day all were happy to have a splendid time during meals as the family had a lot to talk  but today all are engrossed in their mobiles even when there is any get together. Today, all have a lot to talk with virtual friends but have nothing to talk with family during meals.
  • How could one forget the connection with friends and family through telegram, than letters. Long letters written to friends and excitement of receiving the reply but today’s generation have missed this beautiful moment of communication as it is replaced by e-mails, Twitter and Facebook. I suppose somewhere the craze of postman dropping the mail in the mail box is lost.

I don’t say internet doesn’t help in increasing knowledge but with time it have also created a huge gap in the relationships. It’s like people are becoming handicapped to the boon provided to the society. Online shopping have made shopping easier undoubtedly. Where on various online sites you are able to get huge variety of commodities and at the same time at various comparable prices. But at the same time the people around are becoming strangers to each other.

Once a son asked his father,”dad you have debit and credit card both than why don’t you use them for your shopping. At this age it will help you a lot.”

Father replied, “ son you are absolutely correct but since you are away and busy in your job and I don’t have anyone to talk with. Shopkeepers know  me well and have a lovely relationship with me. Best part is that we personally know each other well. For few days I was not well and couldn’t go out for buying the groceries. A worried shopkeeper bought the goods and enquired about my health and took care of me till I got upright again. This a difference of personal touch as compared to today’s hi-tech world.

That’s what I call life of true happiness and convenience that is lost in the world of technology!!

10 or 20 years back life was completely different. A personal  communication between people was more warm than today’s connection with people. I am not saying internet have become an enemy. It have definitely made our lives easier in terms of communication, jobs and connection with world all over. But somehow I miss the peace and sitting aside for few minutes in silence. Reading book and enjoying the personal space in our own world of thoughts.

Loud laughs on dinning table and long walks with family and friends. Somewhere in the development of the society I am missing the coziness and trust among people. Earlier all contacts were stored in mind and now in mobiles and if they are lost than drop the message on the Facebook wall.

Enjoying the moment or wanting to do something because it was fun. An excitement of being together gave goosebumps. But today all these fun are meant to take pictures and add in social media and let the world know what’s happening in your personal life.

Be wise in opting the benefits of boon provide to the society or one day we all will be having a lonely life.

Long time ago I had a beautiful life before I got addicted to internet.

50 thoughts on “Life before internet!!!

  1. A wonderful read and so true words written. Loved the story that has so much reality in today’s world. We have become robots of the technology and no one can do without mobiles and it is so frustrating. Everywhere you go people are least bothered to talk but on mobile phones. World has not changed but we have. Thanks for the awesome share.

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  2. Internet, a blessing or a curse. Well we all need to understand not to make it an addiction. Life without FB Insta Snapchat, is possible, I have been breathing without them from 4 months, and it’s awesome. Though I couldn’t live without the blog now 😁

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  3. आज विकसित हुए पर खुशी खो गयी,
    पास सुबिधा बहुत जिंदगी खो गयी।
    Bahut hi khubsurat likha apne….
    Internet jiske bagair ji nahi sakte..
    Dur basey apno ko karib laataa hai,
    Paas baithe apno ko dur kar deta gai….

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  4. So true!!! Virtual relationship made it harder to trust people.. because you never know who is loyal and who is fake…and definitely it’s​ creating distance with those who are so near to us…

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  5. I can imagine life without social media but not without Google as I like to do research online for writing articles and blog posts. I do love though when I see kids playing outside as it is away from any electronics 🙂

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  6. I like this post. Most of the time, I can’t let go of my phone and laptop. Before all that, I had books, video games, toys etc. Now, I just turn my phone off when I don’t need it so I can’t be distracted. I read more when I feel bored and think internet can’t save me. Good post this was!

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  7. I can surely imagine my life without social networking….
    For me talking always helps more than chatting…
    I think the only difference would be that more people will drift apart without internet and only limit yet genuine people will be in your circle

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  8. Lovely post as always. I really miss enjoy reading in a library, reading in books is great enjoyment than reading in a laptop or smart phone. I feel internet has stealed my time in a day, days became shorter than before. Of course it has lots of good things, I got blog lovely connection with the world. If I ask for a recipe to a relative they sometimes not willing to share but in this internet world I don’t want to ask to anyone. It has both good and bad as you told. We have to learn to use it effectively.

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  9. I miss the way things used to be before the Internet took over, as well. Like you mentioned, it does help us in many ways, but it takes too much from our real life relationships. This post was so bittersweet and true! Thank you for sharing.

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  10. Thanks for thought-provoking text. I really have very mixed feelings on this. I’m old enough to have spent my childhood and teens without computers and cell phones, and my first records were not CDs, but vinyl. And yes we spent much more physical time together, and cultured our fantasy and imagination by reading books and painting the story in our own minds. I sometimes feel sorry for my kids, who have missed that, including sometimes being bored – not entirely a bad thing. But on the other hand, I now have friends all over the world, an opportunity to share my thoughts with people I will never meet in real life and discovering pearls like this one. In the end, it is as it is, and with no possibility to turn back the clock we should try to get the best of our screens, but take the time to nurture our friends IRL.

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