Fate (Kismat)!!

I couldn’t stop myself sharing this video with beautiful message!! Since it was in Hindi, have tired to translate it in English so that language is not a barrier.Hope have made the justification to the beautiful poem.

Fate have a very strange habit of it’s own that it turns everything back to the square from where you have started and when it turns, it turns everything upside down like a tornado. ( In simple terms it shows you the mirror of your originality).
So people should remember one thing in life , that in good times one should never let his ego take over his mind and in bad times have Patience.

Whether it’s a kite or human being (Insaan) when it starts flying very high than remember one day it’s surely going to drop you down terribly.

It’s not necessary to share your happiness  always with sweets and chocolates because your sweet and caring words can also bring million dollar smile on the face of your loved ones.

You will find lot of people with beautiful faces in the world but very few are lucky to get people with beautiful and pure heart.

What a strange life is   –   When we are young we get abundance of love without any cost but as and when we grow we have to earn that love through our deeds. Unfortunately, in old age have to beg like beggars for that the unconditional love and care.

Like parents only God can cover our mistakes because rest of the world only knows how to demoralize you.

Never let a child in you die because to much of intelligence is also harmful for life as it is said everything in excess have it’s own implications.

Nothing changes much in life as we grow, the only difference is that our childhood persistance becomes compromises in our life’s. A simple piece of advice, try to do only what your heart says because what mind says is restraints and what heart says is your desire.

The most beautiful part of humans body is heart. So keep your heart very clean and pure like a child’s soul because if your heart is not clean than even a beautiful face will not fill up the gaps.

Happpiness is good only till the time we are able to digest it because to much scattered happiness also gives us pain because of the jealousy of the people around us.

To change something in life or to break takes only a while, whereas to convince someone may take your whole life. It’s because love will always apologise to see their loved ones happy whereas an ego loves to hear apologies.

Never give up in your life, always try and makes efforts in your life till the end because whether in the path of life you get your destination or you gain experience both are valuable assets.

You may search for beauty and simplicity in the whole world but if it’s not their in your heart and in soul than you will not find it anywhere in the world.

Life gives us a lot, often more than we deserve but how selfish we humans are. We count only those moments in life which we are not able to achieve.

The best present in life we can give to someone is love but it’s an honour to gain the love from someone and it’s the best respect one can get.

When you are worried about something you are walking on your own but when you are moving with carefree mind than the world moves with to you.

Time is the biggest heal for the one who  receives betrayal but the one who betrays never gets peace in his life.

People who are often found together in the pictures or in life during the time when you are at your peek are not your relatives but the true relations are those you are their to support and bring you back from your pains and sorrow.

If someone is jealous of you, it’s not the bad habit of that person but it’s your capability who forced to give those emotions towards you.

Betrayal is like almonds I suppose, which is going to teach you as much as eating almonds helps in memorising.  We are with you and support you is often said by all but who stays till the end are the real relations.

Somehow the video below made me cry and my heart was filled with emotions and pain. Hope I have made it well expressive with words too. 

Drop in your true feelings of how far I was successful in portarying the emotions of life.







65 thoughts on “Fate (Kismat)!!

  1. Amazing and beautiful video.Every word has a deep meaning and impact ,so thoughtful and emotional .Nicely penned.I have heard this person audio khubsurat rishte vale…AwesomeπŸ‘ŒπŸ’.Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a insightful post, this is my first ever visit to your blog. A really overwhelming experience for me.
    I would appreciate your feedbacks and opinions on my posts too.
    Thanking you.

    Liked by 2 people

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