Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bhandhan is just not a festival but a day which signifies the everlasting love, care, trust and emotions of a brother and sister. It’s not just a day of exchanging gifts but a day of blessings to brother for long lasting healthy and beautiful life and in exchange brother swores to see that her sister gets all happiness of the world. Take care of her smiles and sees her beloved sister is never sad.

What a pleasure and a feeling of being proud to born in a country where every festival has it’s own meaning and importance. Raksha bandhan is celebrated on Poornima (full moon day) of Shravan month.

Rakhsha Bandhan has its own significance. Rakhsha mean to ‘protect‘ and Bandhan means a ‘strong bounding‘. A pure and unconditional love between brother and sister. It’s just not a thread that sister ties in the hand of his brother but are the sentiments of a sister to see her brother rise like a star and be a person of beautiful heart.

A relationship of sibblings is very pure. Which is not filled with hurt or hatred for each other. When we celebrate a festival it’s a celebration of love and affection and forgetting all the pain given to each other and moving ahead with no heavy heart.

When siblings are young their love is innocent and they open heartedly resolve the issues with each other that took place between them. Make sure when you grow up that same thoughts continues because with the change in time, the culture changes and often negative thoughts tend to overtake. Never say you had hurt me a lot because this will never help to heal your wound. Because a pure relationship is free from adulteration. It’s a connection of soul where you always want your loved ones to see happy and successful.

Make sure before you sit for the celebration of a festival, think  of all the wounds that caused you pain and give a thought on the perspective of other person too. This will help you to overcome the pain and giving a fresh feeling in your beautiful relationship of brother and sister. Because with time many new relations are added and to create harmony in all relationships it’s always better to put your feet  in other person’s shoes before coming to a conclusion. This feeling of understanding and love is  the best gift one can give to their brother or sister.

I have a very sweet and sour relationship with my brother. You can say like Tom and Jerry. We will trouble each other a lot and at the same time cannot stay without each other. It’s at very few times I get a chance to express my feelings for my brother. He is innocent, caring and has it’s own way of expressing his love for all. Tends to show that he is rough and tough but the matter of fact is he is very emotional boy from heart. When he is angry he forgets things at times but later feels sorry for being harsh. Since childhood till date always going to trouble me while tieing Rakhi but than going to love me very much and pamper me. At least on the special day can strongly demand for being pampered. I truly miss you my naughty bhai , more than ever because it’s been three years since I am not able to tie it personally. I miss the festival when we all celebrate it with love and laughter, cracking jokes and special festive food made by mom.

We fight like cats and dogs

They all teach and learn and grow together

Looking out for one another

In the best of times and through the worst

In the end sometimes our best friend 

can be a brother or sister

I love you from the core of my heart 

wish you all the success and happiness of the world.

Happy Rakha Bandhan.


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