What success means to you!!

When Ambition exceeds performance the gap is called frustration. When  performance exceeds Ambition the overlap is called Success!!

A common question to all the readers, What success means to you? 

When I am alone, I often think on the term ‘success’ and what does it mean to me? It’s a very subjective term I believe and doesn’t mean the same to two different people. Every individual have their own aspirations and goals and depending upon it they define the term success. E.g. For an actor his films going good is a success and for a businessman his business running great. But one thing that is common and determines success is being happy.

 In the course of life if you are not able to define the term success than it becomes even more challenging to become successful.

In life yo will face many obstacles!! People might threw stones or criticise you. But how you react makes a difference. Being focused on the goals and ignoring the negative vibes makes a big difference in the course of being success. This is only possible when at the end of the day you  focus on being successful as a  person first. 

Determination on being a good person from inside first will automatically reflect on the work you do. One aspect of life is inside in your feelings and one aspect is outside in your actions. The two being independent, so in order to provide connectivity  between the two it is necessary that your actions should not influence the feelings but your feelings should be influencing the actions. Which means if you are successful you may not be happy but if you are happy you are surely going to be successful. This is only possible when you are stress free, no jealousy, calm and composed, no fear and a beautiful relationship with everyone, absolutely control over the feelings and positive thoughts will definitely going to make you successful as in person and in profession too.

In the course of your path many times will come when things will not work the way you want but make sure you don’t lose your focus and be independent in your thoughts, and sooner or later you will achieve what you wanted to.

We may often achieve more than we had thought of. In the progress of being successful make sure you are not experiencing jealousy. Make sure the progress of other people is not giving you discomfort and if that progress is giving you discomfort than sit back and think why are you uncomfortable. Make efforts not to lose the happiness in what others have achieved because the fact is, you have already achieved your accomplishments and making efforts to improve yourself. So bring that stability in your life.

Now as I asked you in the beginning – What  success means to you?

For me I suppose every single achievement made in the course of life is success. When you are in school and each time you get promoted to next class  for me that is success. We clear school, than we go to college and university. Than make efforts for Job and so on. All these may  look ordinary but for me that’s success and precious moment to be cherished.

But than humans will not change. When they set a target to be achieved and on the accomplishment of that target rather than enjoying that moment of success, immediately they setup new target to be achieved. When do we actually enjoy the moment of success. 

Make sure in life:

  • You are happy
  • Do what you love to do every day.
  • Help others
  • Make efforts to become good person first.
  • Respect your relationships and give time, no matter how busy you are.
  • Enjoy every single success achieved in course of life. No matter how big or small target you have achieved.
  • Follow you dreams!!!

Share you comments and yes do inbox what success means to you?

74 thoughts on “What success means to you!!

  1. This is a lucrative post. Success is so much beyond the common stigma set by the society!
    We need to be a good person. And to always stand up for ourselves when we fail is also a success.
    Thank you for sharing this!:)

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      1. You are welcome 😊. Your blog is really awesome and inspiring. You have a great gift within you.Please continue blogging and inspire people around you 😊. And if you can please do visit my blog and let me know about it. It would be really helpful 😊. This is the link to my blog


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  2. This is such a great post, Tanvir! ❤ it gives wonderful things to ponder. My favorite quote from it was this one: "Make efforts not to lose the happiness in what others have achieved because the fact is, you have already achieved your accomplishments and making efforts to improve yourself."

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  3. I totally agree that happiness can yield success, but success won’t yield happiness. Have to find the balance in between that striving for success doesn’t compromise our happiness. And also have to be happy, so we don’t waste our success on excess to cope.

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  4. Success to me means having the opportunity to work for my self. It is having the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world doing what I love and latter, hopefully, to make money work for me. This is a really good though provoking post.

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  5. For me success is to be a good human. And make life worth living , that is to live a purposeful life. So that when I die, I die satisfied of the fact that the life given to me was not worthless. For me success is being there in the time of need for the people around me.

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