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Chameleon, are the special kind of lizards who have the ability to change colour. Thinking about this distinctive feature of Chameleon, a thought came into my mind that human nature is also similar to the lizard. Isn’t it!! Where a chameleon changes colour to protect himself in various conditions and humans change to fulfill their undesirable motives.

Carefully give a thought about this quote:

People are like Chameleon’s they adapt to your favourite colour so you will like them!! But eventually true colours always show.

Life is simple and funny but we humans make it complicated. Things change, people change but don’t forget to be who you are as a person, don’t sacrifice yourself for others because you know your circumstances well. So always stay true to yourself for happier life.

But sometimes we have to be like Chameleon where we have to change colour to determine our role in different circumstances. It is sometimes necessary to adapt ourselves in the changing environment. This can be compared to a simple proverb ,” you need to be clever but in positive note.” Here clever means to be smart so that someone doesn’t take the benefit of your simplicity. But do remember don’t change your personality to please the world.

On the first place when I thought about the similarity between Human Being and Chameleon they are a lot similar through negative perspective that was coming in my mind. But than understanding the distinctive feature of Chamaeleon in detail, forced me to give a  second thought. Than I asked myself why shouldn’t I give a shot and express in positive note.

Adapt good qualities of a Chameleon. Like he gets easily adapted in different surroundings. We should to adapt ourselves well with changing environment to make a better and simple life. This will help us to solve problems. When someone calls you Chameleon be happy. Since you are going to surprise others with your wonderful work and make everyone smile.

Being an individual we all have a unique characteristic, that we give different shades of love and feelings to our surroundings. And each one get different pieces of love that they associate with our external shells. In a way we all are chameleons.

Life is fun if you see where in the course of journey when you start absorbing yourself to the environment, you are a lot like a chameleon. Many may misinterpret, that changing personalities may cause to lose your originality but if we look other way round it’s not changing your basic nature but only settling to the new environment. Where this feature could easily be compared to a basic rule of business. A stagnant business can’t progress but needs to be innovative to meet with the changing environment. Like wise this could be compared with human nature, where stagnation can lead to adverse affects.

In the course of life we should be focused like a Chameleon, one eye on the future, one eye on the past. Meaning we should no waste time deploring the past and being apprehensive for future.

Give a thought: 

It’s always best to play against your type just like a chameleon.

Hope have made the justification to the thoughts. Please share your views and suggestions and also share your thoughts if any innovation in thoughts needs to be brought up!!


43 thoughts on “Chameleon!!!

  1. We all have to change colors based on the things we are dealing with. We behave differently in front of our bosses and our employees..World is tougher place today..wish people did not have to change colors .. but its not easy.. I think its better to build a capacity to see the changing of colors in others.. 😀

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  2. I often happen to think about it in my idle days… How we change according to our surrounding? Some change for themselves and some to just protect others from getting hurt… But it is always right be ourselves..
    Well written. Specially the quote in the starting… Keep up the good work.😊

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  3. Great post!! I agree that we are very much like chameleons. It’s important that we strive for positivity and adopt good traits, and to not conform to what others want! ❤

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