Education or business 🤔🤔

Watched Hindi Medium beautiful movie!! Undoubtedly Irfan Khan gives every reason for appreciation as superb actor. Any how the movie gave us a beautiful message and reason for me to ask a question  that was running in my mind from a long time and express few things!!

Education means to give education or it have become a business now-a-days??

Was thinking that now a days, the school and it’s environment, education and students are they same as it was during our time or in the previous generations. Earlier there was a connection between teachers and children!! Where parents and teachers together made efforts to give best education to their children in terms of culture, values, bookish and environmental knowledge.

Where teachers were on a mission, who wanted the children to explore and open their minds to all the best possibilities around them. They  were the counsellors, mentors who listened every ideas of the children and guided them to achieve their goals.

What respect we had for our teachers, today I don’t see that in the eyes of children. I remember how the teachers used to pay attention to each and every student in the class. Their main efforts were to motivate the weak students to bring their best output. They always encouraged and helped us to gain confidence in the path of life. They focused not only in bestowing bookish knowledge but also gave the lessons of life which made us a good human being. Equal importance was given to extra curricular activities and school trip . Which helped the students to become active and enhance their skills . The purpose of encouraging students for school trips was to make them independent and see the world outside home and school.

I am not saying that today’s teachers or parents are not making efforts but the problem is in the change of thought process. Where children are pressurised to focus more on studies from very beginning or else they will not get admission in good schools. Talking about education as business!! Business is not a bad word but today  the institution of knowledge have become totally commercialised and is only concerned on the amount of profits earned.

I look around the parents and pity them. All are in the race of getting the admissions in good schools oops!! No not good schools, I should say branded schools!! From very beginning they want their children to be brought up in so-called materialistic and hollow environment. I was looking over the syllabus of the students at junior level and was surprised what was taught to us in middle level was now  in the syllabus of students studying in 5th or 6th grade. The competition word and facing the world in different way have taken away the innocence of the children.

Every corner of the education have become commercialised. Today to get admission in kindergarten the parents first need to book the counsellor in advance who first persuades the parents to make themselves presentable for the interview as every school checks the capability of parents whether they will be able to co-ordinate with the child’s education or not. Than what about the children of poor. Who have  equal or more caliber than the rich people but only because of financial constrains are not able to put their children in private  or good schools. Talent is everywhere and it’s the duty of school to bring out the talent of the children and bring it to the world. Where families having money constrains and lack of knowledge there the role of school increases to help children to polish them and bring out the talent of students with scholarships facilities and present it to the world.

The movie raised  a very genuine point that the whole world is a game of money and false status. Whether your child may have any talent or not but money will help him to get admission in the best branded schools. As far as my education taught me, I believe school is an institution who gives nation a gem which with their talent becomes the strong pillars of the country. Every parents dream is that their children studies in good school, so was the dream of our  parents but I remembered while short listing the names of the school they considered the following points first:

  • Faculty/ discipline
  • extra circular activities
  • school atmosphere
  • structure/ facilities
  • at last the name of the school. But now days it’s going in reverse manner.

The children have two schools. First is the home where children are nourished with love and care. Are trained with manners and the facts of world where as the schools gives the knowledge to face the world and make them well equipped in their career. The school and parents move hand in hand for the development of the children.

School is a temple of education which does not discriminate the children on the basis of their background rather the purpose of school uniforms was to bring equality among children. Where teachers are inspiration to their children and make studies interesting filled with imaginative ideas.

Now days the problem is that there is lack of imagination, pressure on students to perform well in spite knowing the capabilities/ limitations of the children. It really hurts to see that today the greed to earn money have made the conscious of the institutions  selfish who are ready to play with the future of the children.

Not only mine but it’s the appeal from the parents of many children that don’t let the temple of education lose it’s significance. Parents and school both need to understand that because of your false desire you are playing with the development of your child and your wrong expectations are hampering the growth and individuality of a child.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. 

Don’t misuse the power



76 thoughts on “ Education or business 🤔🤔

  1. I agree fully with you. The standard of education even in my part of Africa has really depreciated but Education is also a business. I believe as a business, education has lost it’s core values and moved away from its fundamental mission and vision. Any business run as most in the business of education, would definitely go bankrupt.

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  2. I have seen the movie, and I can also relate with the post. I agree with you 100% on it.
    These days the meaning of education d the mean to it has changed completely. The name of the school matters before anything else, and it isn’t the best way to go about it.
    Education, the most powerful weapon is being misused, it’s about time we realise this and change it.
    Education is really a powerful tool, and shouldn’t be misused like the way it is now.

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  3. Agree with you Tanvir. Sometime back I read a message on WhatsApp, where the school tells a prospective parent that the school provides them with books, uniform, lunch, transport etc. When the parent asks what about education they reply, oh for that you can send the child for tuitions!
    Yes education has become very superficial and commercial today!

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    1. Absolutely true!!! Tuitions too have become commercialised !! Big batches of 20 students almost equivalent to a class in school and expected to pay fees in advance!! Will teach you exactly for one hour!! Not like before where tuitions too were a support !!


  4. Awesome post .!!!As you mentioned ,nowadays,the motive of educational institutions is to curb money as much as they can ,seek publicity ,promote their brand.Neither the parents nor teachers is bothered about the mindset of children.

    On seeing your picture “Learning is fun”,guess the current generation has lost the essence of learning.

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  5. Very well said. The previous comments expressed it all. Education these days is a different horse altogether and as you can witness from the mounds and mounds of student loan debt that is suffocating so many who truly aspire for greater educational pursuits, it has become a money making business leaving many with degrees fighting for a job they didn’t need a degree for in the beginning while drowning in an ocean of debt. It’s sad and twisted. Thanks for sharing your story with us! 🙂

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  6. Agree… Such movies are masterstroke for society but unfortunately people just take it as entertainment 😡 . Parents gives priority to status instead of childs growth in various aspects. End result comes out that.. their child suffers from depression & parents can’t get that….

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  8. I really appreciate your insights on this, you provide a rational approach to the education system today. Check out my recent blog that focuses on the post-secondary education system 🙂

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