Small trip to Vienna!!

Lovely unplanned two days trip to Vienna. Beautiful drive in-car and after a long time  had an amazing trip!! Vienna is a beautiful city with high quality of life and yes known for it’s magnificent architecture!! It is also known for music. If anyone is planning to visit Vienna do go for at least 3 to 4 days . There’s lot to visit over there!

Beautiful nature view on our way to Vienna!!
Sunflower field!! Was looking very beautiful!!

On reaching we checked in the hotel and had wonderful dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Best part of Vienna that I founded was the presence of multicultural environment and what attracted me the most was the fluency of people in English,  otherwise in Europe only drawback I see is the language barrier.

Next day our actual tour began. Nearby our hotel was the west Bahnhof city (railway station). We took the train for the stop from where we could take the hop on hop off tour bus!! On reaching the surrounding and atmosphere was just mind blowing.


First we took the Red line and took the complete one hour tour without halting anywhere. In that period of time we enjoyed the beauty of Vienna.

Kunsthistorisches Museum


Some trips leave a stong impact on your minds and this trip was one of them. One thing I missed to see was the Opera show, which we couldn’t see because of the shortage of time. I was enjoying watching people wearing traditional dress and selling tickets for Opera. Visiting Vienna made me feel like that I have come back to the era of 17th or 18th century.

When the tour of Red Line got over we took a break for some time and trolled around the main street or could say MariaHilfer Stasse and had lunch. In this stasse people are crazy for shopping and specially for those who are ready to spend good amount of money. You would find most expensive brands over here and few names were such that I had not heard it before.

Than we took Yellow Line bus and there were 3 to 4 main attractions where we wanted to stop by but took maximum time in Schloss Schonbrun. We are glad that we took good time over here. No regrets of spending time over here. A beautiful place with many attractions to see. Best part was that my husband broke a record of walking for 14 kms in a day, specially for the one who doesn’t like walking.

Schönbrunn Palace

Hope we were allowed to click photographs inside the palace. OMG it was so big and beautiful with remarkable history. The architectural and cultural history are very important and beautiful of this palace. The castle had large number of gardens of different taste and interest of the successive Monarchs. On having a tour of the palace and listing the audio regarding the history of the palace, one thing I have learnt that the life of the Monarchs were not so easy. It’s far more complicated in terms of political and family matters than that of common people. Daughters getting married at an early age due to many political reasons etc. World War 2 have a great impact in the culture of Austria. Where buildings were quickly restored to provide residence to common people who were destroyed during the war. For the perseverance of architectural history in Europe you are not allowed to destroy the building completely and build a new modern building again. You will find the structure of the buildings from outside are old but from inside people have furnished into modern outlook.

Orangen 🍊 Garden
Orangen 🍊 Garden

We were quite tired and it was so hot that on returning back from where we started, preferred to take a bath before strolling the main square again. This was for the first time me and my husband strolled the streets till midnight and had fun. We laughed loudly, bought souvenirs, had dinner and yummy ice cream. By the time we reached Hotel our feet had given up.

Stephan Platz
Museum of Arts
Mariahilfer Straße

Little shopping of our souvenirs. A beautiful memory to our trip to Vienna. We had covered only 1/4th of the city due to shortage of time but it was a remarkable trip to be treasured for life long.

Finally, next day we had to return and lucky to have your holy temple in foreign land. Yes, no trip is complete without visiting the place that gives you peace of mind and calmness.


On our way back stopped and enjoyed the beautiful nature.

Beautiful sunset 🌅
Clouds speaking their own language
Beautiful fields
Road covered with the arch of trees!!


Truly believe that when you feel life is going with a lot of ups and downs, than best thing to restore the energy is to take  a holiday where the blast of relaxation creates a magic and turns a man into himself!!

Lovely when the dream comes true to explore the creation of God and explore the culture of World!! Nice to see the variations and different people with there lovely cuisines, history and teaching us a lot new things!!



37 thoughts on “Small trip to Vienna!!

  1. Very nicely portrayed .A journey is something which gives you a lot of experience,allows you to explore,understand culture ,expose you to a variety of people.
    Keep traveling and share more experiences like this:)

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