Story of a Proud butterfly!!

Once a beautiful, shiny butterfly was flitting from one flower to another. The butterfly saw a baby elephant coming down the path. She flew to him and sat on his ear. The elephant asked her, “Who are you? Where are you going?”. The butterfly proudly answered,” I am the most beautiful butterfly from all the butterflies but you are so ugly and fat.

You are so heavy and I am so delicate, elegant and light like a wind. People love me because of my beauty and colourful wings. I can fly with my wings anywhere I want to go.

The elephant firmly replied,”I am glad I met  you in the path of life.”

The butterfly continued and said ,” There is no comparison between us, you have four legs. I have six. You have trunk and I too have something similar but I suck the nectar from flowers which you can’t do.” Just than a strong wind blew and the butterfly πŸ¦‹ couldn’t keep her balance .The butterfly cried for the help as she was flown away with the wind. The elephant 🐘 firmly stood on the ground and thought,” I just saw how pride  have fallen down.”

Life is same as of butterfly. Man’s ego thinks he is the only reason for the achievements attained in his life and forgets the people who have helped him in course of his success. But in reality the person with calm and thankful behaviour remains firm in all circumstances, where as, even a bit of fall in self praise person makes him stumble in the struggle of life. Never be over confident or proud of how you appear or what status you are holding in life because God will not give you even a single  chance to make you realise your true identity.

Would be glad if readers to share their opinion or moral they get from the story. Would be glad to exchange opinions and learn something new!


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