As I am growing old!!

Time has a wonderful ways of showing us what really matters.


First prospective:

Gracefully growing old!!

As I am growing older I am able to look my surroundings with different perspectives. It’s like I didn’t knew the reality before but it’s with time I am able to realise better that life is all not about how I look but it’s all about the person I have become. I don’t enjoy the company of materialistic people (actually have never liked materialistic people with hollow life), I don’t want to be around drama, conflict or stress. Instead, all I want is a peaceful life filled with enjoyment, lovely food, true happiness, a cozy place to live and surrounded by people with true affection.

As the time is passing by I don’t care what people think or talk about me on my face or on my back and who judges me the way I live my life. Though for me even before it never mattered what people thought about me. What matters me are the thoughts of my family. It’s only like as I am growing older I am able to understand things with more depth.As I am growing older in fact I have started enjoying my life even more. Because I am enjoying it in my own way. Free like a bird.

As you grow old, it’s not about ageing but how you look the world. Everything seems to Β be pure which once seemed to look impure. That’s when you actually get mature.

Second perspective:

Where parents write a letter to their children

Dear Child,

When your parents grown old please understand them and have patience. In case one of us breaks something or spills food on the table because our hands are shivering and eyes getting weak. So please don’t yell at us because older people are very sensitive and yelling makes them feel self-pity. Don’t call us deaf when the hearing power gets weak. Instead repeat politely or write it down for us.

When our knees get weaker, hope you will have patience to hold and pick us up when we fall. If any of the above gives you a second thought remember your childhood when you used to wake us at middle of night. Your mother had sleepless nights because she was worried when you will be back home or whether you had food or not. Taught you how to walk, listened your same stories uncountable number of times and laughed as if we heard it for the first time. We need you in our last days and hold our hands. In our last days all we want is you and your love.

your loving parents.

Isn’t it a high time to give a thought on what we want from ourselves before we lose anything. Would be glad if readers share their precious comments.

48 thoughts on “As I am growing old!!

  1. Well thought out ideas on aging. I write about aging also. It can be a difficult thing or depending upon your attitude it can be a time of freedom from the external things we once felt were so important. I’ll read more. Keep writing.

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  2. The world is more pure as you get older since you start to see it as a projection of yourself, but also everyone else’s as well. You end up creating whatever world you want to see when you realize its your creation. Its not tainted and unfair like it used to be!

    Also, really love this, “all I want is a peaceful life filled with enjoyment, lovely food, true happiness, a cozy place to live and surrounded by people with true affection.”

    -amen to that, hard to have a bad world with that!

    Take care my friend!

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  3. Awesome post, Tanvir and with such an apt picture, both perspectives are very heartfelt and interesting to read and that sure is life in a nutshell. The first one is so inspiring and the second story was so touching, parents have to be respected and taken care of till life.

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  4. Thank you for sharing your perspective about growing older. Many of us (maybe just me?) wonder what life is truly going to be like 50 years from now. As I am in my early twenties, I really do think about it a lot. I bet it takes years and years to actually become “mature”…although we all try our best. The letter to a child is endearing, and should be taken seriously and handled with care. Children forget their parents are getting older, too. Most of us young folks try to rush becoming “mature” but forget our parents will get there first. It is so important to care for them, as (theoretically) they have cared for us. Thank you again.

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