When we talk about addiction, first thing that comes in everyone’s mind is about drugs, alcohol and smoke. If we look around ourselves everyone is addicted to something or the other apart from these.

When we all think about our childhood, always cherish the games played and the utilisation of time. Kho-kho, chain-chain, Raja-Wazir-Chor-Sipahi, snake and ladders and unlimited other games played in school with lots of other activities.

Coming back from school, earlier we were more excited to play outside with friends rather than changing and eating food. Where we had so much fun but still remember our parents saying now there are less big grounds and you have not played much of the games like Gulli danda, hide and seek etc which they have enjoyed. In evenings family used to eat together, talk and find solutions to any problem, spending time with children.

Till our time we all were active, played and ate healthy food, though had worries but didn’t affected our health even in worse conditions, since finding solutions was easier as expectations around us was not much but that didn’t effected the growth in the way of living and improvement in standards.

Any kind of addiction is wrong. Whether it’s the addiction of thoughts, love, technology, alcohol or drugs. Ultimately it weakens the roots of a person and adversely affecting a person not only physically but mentally also.

Launch of iPhone 7. All were eagerly waiting for it. Finally launched!! Long queue to purchase the phone!!Technology addiction!!! Now a days technology is becoming more of a problem rather boom in my opinion. It’s true with changing scenario, one needs to be updated. But in the race of getting updated have anyone ever paid a thought that we are becoming slaves to these changes.

Though the invention of telephone, computers,television have made our lives easier. Development of landline telephone to mobile phones. Now we are in fifth generation of computers . From huge computers to laptops and iPad. In every step of development made one step of life more easy. Earlier to check mails and to surf internet we had to switch on the computer, then came the laptops which was convenient to carry along with portable net connection which helped to access internet at our convenience. Now smart phones have made things more easy and we all are aware of it.

Getting late for home or office give a call to inform, need any kind of educational or informative information internet is their. Various games not only in Internet but are also there in smart phones for children. Seems like simple life. Yes have improved since they have helped in saving time.

All that glitters is not gold. Every coin have two sides. In the course of making things improved, all got so engrossed in these sparkling benefits that they forgot when they had become the slaves to these benefits and all are living in a myth which no one wants to face it.

Where previously all work was done manually are now done with respective machines, hence making life convenient to certain extent. But don’t you all think that it have created imbalance to a large extent.

Today’s generation hardly know about the physical activities and games we had played. Coming back from school, they are more excited to play with play station, games in computers or smartphones or surfing in net. Weekends for them is spending more with indoor games or mall. Creating lots of health problems.Β So strange now people go in car for cycling and gyming, where earlier it was the part of routine.

Earlier television used to be only in living room where family used to eat and watch together. Now even the nuclear family is becoming more nuclear. Television is their in every room, all eating separately. Carefully see any family even if they are sitting together all are so engrossed in their mobiles that they hardly have much to talk with each other.

Today, traditions, values and importance of being together is getting vanish in so called sparkling world of comfort lifestyle since all the time is given to gadgets. If a child is not eating food simple way to convince is to put on their favourite channel on TV or immediately fulfill their demand.

We all know Steve Jobs a creative entrepreneur in the field of technology. One of the best reply of Steve Jobs in an interview when the reporter asked:

” Did your children enjoy the new device.”His reply was ” They don’t use it. We limit on how much they use the technology”. Simple answer to understand the depth of the reply.

Where kids instead of playing in sun and getting vitamin D and producing healthy harmonies are more busy in indoor games. Addiction of technology was just an example.

Overall there are other addictions too. If the adverse effects are timely not understood, it can lead to lot of problems. In today’s high tech and fast life we are some where forgetting how to live.Β Health problems, increase in worries, balance of environment is getting disturbed. Increase in conflict among families.
We all work for good lifestyle but correctly said everything in excess is always bad. Why all over the world people are having more depression problems, sense of being alone or loosing confidence at times. Have we ever given a thought to that. One day our mobile phone is in service center and how handicapped we feel. We are in same situation like a fish without water.

Enjoy the era of your time but don’t let it over power the mind. It’s easy to turn from good habits to bad habits. Don’t understand yourself once you have destroyed it. The only way to fix it, to know yourself who you really are.

62 thoughts on “Addiction

      1. Well actually I believe it is inappropriate to call any affection an addiction. My adoration for Japan went a very bad direction in that it garnered my attention to my own detriment. I made decisions to preserve my cultural connection and changed in fact my own personality to suit.

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  1. Everything life could be tagged as addiction.. what about making lot of money? … what about loosing lot of money? all addictions.. I feel as long as one is getting benefited with his addiction.. its fine… what you say?

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    1. Hmm I think there should be balance in all things.. everything in excess do have disadvantages!! Money is good for better standard of living but greed makes it evil!! Correct till you get benefited is ok but don’t misuse!!
      Can compare our childhood with current children quality of life huge difference!!

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      1. That’s true .. children these days don’t play outside.. but was it that.. we were addicted to play outside those days? I feel its very confusing.. because we will come to know if something we are doing good or bad only after long time.. may be its too late then.. πŸ™‚

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  2. The addiction to technology/social media is so real! Even in tennis…a player finishes a match and goes back to his chair, and instead of packing up his gear and head to the locker room, he sits in his chair, takes out his phone and updates his social media page. I don’t like it at all.

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  3. This is a great post. I definitely agree with you that technology, although very helpful in so many ways, has kinda created a world less rich in social capital than before. Think about how often you talk on the phone nowadays compared to just texting someone or sending a message on facebook. Something we all need to be more mindful of going into the future and especially need to make aware of to kids should we have them. Again great post πŸ™‚

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  4. Yes I accept anything in excess is bad and so even technology, I think till we didn’t go too much bad. Children are still having interest in playing outdoors as equally as playing in malls. Only thing is children also became too much busy in this competitive world. I wholeheartedly accept every line of yours, but still everything is in our hands I believe it didn’t became too worse at least with peoples around me.

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    1. Absolutely true!! Very few parents like you understand things deeply and take the other way round for good and positive bestow of thoughts to their children!! Teaching the difference between right and wrong is essential and i am glad we are bought up in that environment and giving same to children!!!!
      Hope all understand the same!!! Thankx for lovely consideration 😊😊!!

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  5. All kinds of Addictions. For sure! As a recovering addict, I too know the struggle. I was addicted to opioid pain killers for nearly five years after a terrible car accident. You can read that story on my blog if you would like. But anyways I started a weekly podcast called “Addictions” available on iTunes and everywhere you find podcasts. I wanted to provide support for anyone affected by addiction. You can listen at http://www.addictionspodcast.libsyn.com

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