Daily challenge

The Wind and the Sun!!!

It was an autumn day. The wind and the sun had an arguement.

The wind boasted “I am stronger than you”.

The sun softly said,”No. You are not”.

Just then, theu saw traveller wrapped in a blanket was passy by. The wind challenged the sun and said, ” Whoever seperates the blanket from traveller is the stronger. Do you agreee?”

The sun replied,” Ok. First you try.”

The wind started blowing. The traveller wrapped himself round the blanket. He blew harder. The traveller held his blanket firmly around him. As and when the wind blew stronger, the traveller held his blanket more tightly.

Finally, the wind gave up.

It was now Sun’s turn. The sun gently smiled at the traveller. The traveller loosened his grip on the blanket. The sun smiled warmly. The traveller felt warm and soon took of the blanket.

The sun was declared stronger.

So Rememeber : Gentle smile can achieve what brtual force can’t.


via Daily Prompt: Sunny


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