We all need each other!!

Remember,we all stumble, everyone of us. That’s why it’s comfort to go hand in hand.

    Emily Kimbrough

We all stay in different parts of the world but we all have something to contribute. We all are different from each other- in terms of culture, religion, nations, languages, colour, values, habits etc but still we are similar because each of us is somebody.

One could say life and people are Mystery and a Challenge. We don’t know what’s going to happen in next moment and same with people because of diversity all are curious to know about each other. But one thing is for sure we all go through some difficulties and problems which needs to be buckled up. In the this fight walking alone can be difficult. Hence, we need each other to hold hands and find ways to the problems that comes on our way.

I know one question must be coming in everyone’s mind,” we all are different in nature and background than how can we get along together.” True, we all have different lives but one thing that’s similar is that we all have the passion to live life fully. We all need each other to go through high’s and low’s that life’s gives to us.

We all have our own differences but rather than to make a gap, we should use these differences to come closer. Because the ultimate happiness lies in being together and staying in peace and harmony. We all are the piece of puzzle without which the picture of life would be incomplete.

Since January 2015 till date number of terrorist attacks have frequently took placed. Massive killings and destruction took place. Destroying the humanity !! This could be called a social and mental disease, spreading negativity. The only cure I could see is to open up. In terms of mind and communication. Interaction with each other without being bias in terms of colour, religion etc. Recognition and understanding being equally important and appreciate each other thoughts and beliefs.

Those who are responsible for such evil acts can be minimised or stopped,when we realise that we are people living in same world with same desire of peace regardless to what religion, nation, background etc we belong to. Enjoy the differences with joy and compliment each other with true sense of happiness and fun.

One thing I admit that when I am hurt or feeling low or my eyes are full of tears because of numerous thoughts and emotions running inside my mind, I need a person with kindness who could understand me and get through the struggle I am undergoing through. I suppose that’s with all when you are undergoing through any face of struggle or disappointment you quietly pray to god to send you someone who could console and understand you. I suppose we all got one more reason why we need each other.

  • We all need each other to hold on to, to be strong and to encourage each other when things are going wrong.
  • We all need each other to keep faith and love. To remind each other what we are dreaming of and make efforts in accomplishment of goals and spreading happiness.

May be we all need each other not just to fill the emptiness but to help each other to know our fullness.

Always remember one things in life that YOU are not alone what you are going through in  your life.

I need you and I truly appreciate what you are as a person.

52 thoughts on “We all need each other!!

  1. Different is beautiful! And isolating people on the basis of the differences is such an outdated thoughts. Because the borders are never made by walls, but by discriminating thoughts in people’s mind.
    Such a thoughtful post! 😊

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  2. “We all need each other to hold on to, to be strong and to encourage each other when things are going wrong.” I agree with this one. Your post is really great, thank you for posting this! 😊

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  3. ‘May be we all need each other not just to fill the emptiness but to help each other to know our fullness’ I like it and Amazing lesson for Togetherness and unity given by you. The most interesting thing is when I am reading it the time passes just like a thunder and when it ends then I just want to read it again again and again. Keep posting such a live content

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  4. Every country in this world has so called enemy countries they fight with always and we loose hundreds and thousands of precious lifes in wars and terrorist attacks. If a family from a country that is enemy to our country is our neighbour we will definitely be friendly with them, we would be helping each other and our children will be playing together then why wars and terrorist attacks happening. If we always remember we all came from and going to end in same place, this inhumanity activities won’t take place. Today morning I thought about this and now coincidentally read your post about this.

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  5. I applaud you for being open about your emotions, thoughts and feelings. I got warm assurances in my heart and safety triggers from reading the part where you said, “I need you…” People often times that saying something that holds much power is a form of weakness or being needy. But I bet everyone thinks it, they just don’t have the courage to say it.

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