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Should teenagers be given Freedom!!

Teenage, the age between 13 to 19, is the most delicate time in one’s life, which needs to be carefully handled. Teenagers are just like buds when nourished properly would blossom like beautiful flowers.

Summer vacations were about to come and a group of school friends were discussing what they are going to do in the vacations. One of them said, I would love to go for the late night parties, other was planning to go at cousins place and have a drink . The third friend said would love to go to disco for some splendid time. Last friend was planning to go for late night movies. Some of the few activities that the teens engage themselves when they get a chance.

If adequate measures are not taken, teenagers can go unharnessed and can lead to some undesirable outcomes sometimes. With the changing time the way of upbringing a child too have changed. It’s not the matter of freedom given, it’s the matter of how much freedom is to be given to a child. Freedom given should be like a string of a kite. Where children do enjoy being on their own but at the same time should know that going beyond the limits the string could easily be pulled by the parents.

With changing time it’s not wrong to give a certain space to our children to grow in tough environment, however it’s necessary to be vigilant of their activities.

Freedom should come in small steps so that teens are able to move forward proving their ability to handle every small movement. In their path of becoming adults they will make mistakes and it’s necessary for the parents to understand their role. Listen to them patiently and make them understand what went wrong and help them in improving the mistakes and move ahead together with them. Try to be their coach and not the head master!!

Freedom needs to be understood and practiced so that they are able to take the decisions confidently and face the world outside home. When teens are able to prove themselves trustworthy then they are surely able to negotiate better in their lives.

It’s absolutely necessary to create a friendly and healthy relationship with children once they enter into their teens. Rather then imposing restrictions on them on drinking, smoking or imposing curfew on bad habits, parents should have conversations on various evils taking place in the society and putting them forward to give their opinion why it’s wrong and how they can stay away from those evils. This will surely help in satisfying the curiosity arising in the minds of the teens.

Teenage is a age if not handled delicately would weaken up the roots. Nourish the plant with love, care, trust and most important allow the expression power of the teenagers. This would help them to distinguish between what is correct and what is wrong.

Freedom refers of creating a sense of responsibility and a creation of boundaries, where the teens themselves learn what their limits are. This creates a better future for them. This is possible only because of the strong bounding between parents and children. Where as at the same time it’s very important for the children to understand the trust created by the parents and always treat their parents as their first best friends.

Nicely said by Benjamin Franklin:

Tell me and I may forget, teach me I may remember, involve me and I learn.

60 thoughts on “Should teenagers be given Freedom!!

  1. This is a good post you know. Being a teen I want my parents to read this, you know what I think is that if a teen wants to smoke/take drugs/hangout with bad gang/drink alcohol maybe not in teen life but maybe further in life he will do that so parents should try and explain and make them realise why it is wrong.
    If parents believe in the influence of peers they should behave like friends with teens, but they are too rigid for that they just know way of terror or guilt and so at level we only should tell our peers not to indulge in such things.

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    1. Nice!! Make your parents your first and last best friends. Than you will be able to explain all your desires and could guide you positively!! This I can say because of my personal experience since I am too close to my parents as they had always been to support my decisions and guided me where I am wrong!!

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    1. Sure!! It means being good person and beautiful from Inside is more important than being beautiful from outside!!Your nature and good attitude stays forever but one day your outer appearance will detoriate!! But you will be loved and valuable what you are as a person!!

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      1. Your thoughts are full of wisdom . I do agree. But how to be great within is mystery . Is it not ? What do you say ?

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  2. I really agree to the point of strong bonding between children and parents which is very important . Neither children should consider their parents as enemies nor parents should be strict and conserved to a level where children feel uncomfortable while discussing their problems.

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  3. These is the absolute truth. Though not yet a parent physically but in the mind, parenting is a really hard job especially when you have to work the children needs, knowing your limits and fixing up their emotions. This is really the contention between parents and teenagers. I have worked a book on teenagers also, hoping to publish it….

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