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Every cloud has a sliver lining 

Beautiful proverb:

Every Cloud has a silver lining, which means one has to stay clam and positive at all times and never lose hope at any times.

A huge black cloud generally blocks the sun fight and makes the atmosphere dull and dark. But if you see closely you would find that the sun rays are trying to peep through the sides of the cloud, creating a fine silver lining all around the cloud. Similarly in life, we all go through bad faces. But something good always comes out from the bad situation. That’s a silver lining of the rough patch.

A beautiful real time story

When one is in business the success of the business depends upon it’s demand and supply. And when the demand for good or services starts declining, then one is in good trouble. That’s why it’s said stagnation in business is negative. To move the graph upwards one has to change with the changing environment.

There was small entrepreneur who had a bicycle shop, dealing in sale of new bicycles, bicycles accessories, servicing and repairing of bicycles. In 1950’s the best and comfortable mode of transport was humble bicycles. So business of bicycle was best during that period. After a decade in 1960’s things started changing constantly. Now the matter is not of ‘if ‘but ‘when‘. In ‘marketing’  we had studied ‘product  life cycle’ where every product have life span though it may reappear after sometime.

The bicycle was is no exception. In 1960’s the demand started declining and it was been pushed aside by motor cycles. Now the entrepreneur was in good trouble, as the bicycle stream was losing its stream and by 1970’s there were no bicycle shops. Looking at the trend the best business was to enter in motor cycle business. Many bicycle entrepreneurs changed there course of business and entered into motor cycle business. But I suppose “entrepreneurs ” are of special kind of breed that’s why they are called “entrepreneurs” . This entrepreneur didn’t gave up. His mission was to earn more than he could feed his family and not sticking to the outdated business.

Fortunately, the entrepreneur had up his sleeve, a secret product in which he had faith in. This product was a traditional herbal ointment made from natural herbal ingredients. The recipe was closely guarded and passed down from his ancestors in China. Every cloud has a silver lining- in this case dark cloud was demised humble bicycle and the silver lining was the unpolished gem, the traditional herbal ointment.

In the initial stages, he started promoting the traditional herbal ointment by employing sales girl on house to house promotion, even in the remote villages all over the country. That was a niche market, meaning business promotion and selling of products or services to specialised market. Here the target customers were people in remote villages where there was no competition.

Over the years the entrepreneur stood up his ground and believed in “silver lining”  which eventually turned into multi – million dollar business today.

Ofo who is the entrepreneur and protagonist of the story. This story was shared by his son  Dai who is now the CEO of the company. 

An idea, when lighted, often glows to other illuminated ideas”


18 thoughts on “Every cloud has a sliver lining 

  1. Thanks for sharing. Hope is so critical. Without it, there’s only the potential of doom and gloom. With hope, the only limit is the one you put on yourself. It’s one of the top things that I’ve tried to cultivate in my own journey.

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