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Learn to appreciate!!

Life is too short not only for regrets but also for finding faults in others. Appreciating others is the best quality one can have. Referring to how positively you are leading life and finding beauty in the qualities of your loved ones. A little thank you and appreciating others for what they have done, may not make big difference to you but that gives a whole new meaning of life and happiness with self confidence whom you appreciate!! Appreciating others adds value to your life and reveals how humble and loveable person you are!!

Our lives are filled with many blessings and often we take them for granted or we forget to recognise them. In fact many times “the little things” seems to be little but they are not so little- they are huge. We tend not to recognise them that made a difference in our life’s.

The main purpose of  writing this post is to to bring awareness among people as why to appreciate and give gratitude to every person who helped you to bring every bit of positive change in your life. To feel appreciation is equally important before one knows how to express the appreciation!!

Points to remember:

  • Appreciate the world around you

Worse part is that we all are leading a mechanical life. To break this monotonous we should all look around ourselves, notice day to day beautiful things happening around us and smile at them. Just image once, what would be the world without them.

  • Express your feelings to the world 

Do share your feelings about how you feel – “maybe the lovely sun shine you enjoy in summers or lovely cup of tea enjoying while observing people passing by you and there gestures leaving smile on your face.”

  • Express appreciation to others

Do appreciate people how you feel about them. Maybe it’s your colleagues, friends, family or people near by you. Appreciate their dynamics, how they make everyone smile etc. Might be for few it may be difficult in beginning but keeping your ego aside you will feel sense of contentment and light hearted..

  • Make I statements and be specific 

Always be specific in what you want to say and feel. Never give vague statements or sarcastic notes. Don’t say  you are awesome rather you say I am glad you are punctual. While appreciating others always use word I. I appreciate that you have organised the party so well. I believe you are strongly talented. This helps in growing a better relationship with all.

There are many other ways to express your way of appreciation. If you sit by and give a thought they are number of people around the world who are poor, homeless, no job or family to stay with but one thing is always there the people who don’t seem to have anything, have something to appreciate. This very one thing they have makes them happy and different from others.

I can sit for hours appreciating others not because one should but it automatically comes out from my heart. A gratitude to the one who mean a lot to me. From the background I have come from, have always learned to say thank you for everything you have and give a smile to the one who have given you the portion of their time. My parents always said  “you may not have everything but you have enough to share it with others”.

I owe a lot to my parents they are the ones whom I cannot stop appreciating in every moment of life.

Don’t ignore the efforts of the person who tries to keep in touch, it’s not all the time someone cares.

Celebrate every little moment of life. Never wait for big moments because waiting of big moments you will forget to live what you have and these little moments cherished will become treasure in future. Laughing and enjoying the moments coming on our way is a big appreciation to Life given by God. I suppose we thank all but forget the master of world who have given us the privilege to relish the beauty around us.

54 thoughts on “Learn to appreciate!!

  1. Superb post👌.Very true said I can relate it with the book I have read ,it seems like u got inspiration from it .The book “How To Win Friends And Influence People “by Dale Carnegie.

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      1. Is there any difference between sincere appreciation or superficial one ? How can we keep loving people not for thier qualities but who they are ? Any suggestions.


      2. According to me Sincere means dedication , appreciation means thanks on a lovely note to the one to feel gratitude of work done for you. Superficial being portraying something which is not in original form! You are loving person who they are because of what they are. That’s quality only!! Otherwise it’s not loving someone!!

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      3. May be you are right . I am still learner. So asking you absurd questions.

        Thanks you are very kind and having patience to reply me.

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      1. I came back today to read this post. I think it’s one of the best I’ve read from you 🙂 I plan to feature it in my roundup post of inspirational reads next Friday. Hugs for you this weekend!

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  2. Hi!
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    Thank you! 😀


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