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Long waited holidays!!

I am little late in publishing this post but it’s never too late to express your feelings!!!

For me it’s still the same. Like in school we were exicted for our vacations, same way  now too staying away from family, a trip to visit them is always full of enthusiasm and excitement..

Staying in another country, I miss not only the culture but the noise of vehicles rushing from here and there, sound of hawkers in the colony. Those yummy mouth watering street food. Home made lovely dishes.

Vacations always bring joy to everyone but they mean different to different people. As for now looking back how I spend my holidays I suppose now  it would be better and full of excitement for me to pen down in words.

Holidays started in Dubai. Wonderful time spent with dad. Full of love and warm gesture. Creating interest in cooking😀😀, which was a wonderful experience for me. All credit goes to dad!! Thank you papa. Beautiful mesmerizing places visited. Whether it be Dubai Mall – wonderful fountain show, Emirates Mall, Desert safari or trip would be incomplete for me if I don’t visit Deira city center.

Delicous food by Papa!! Dad cooks from heart!! Everyone enjoys at home while watching him cook. And yes it’s very difficult to cope up with his speed!! How nicely he makes cooking interesting and says every pitch of cooking is filled with creativity.

Yummy foodie by daddy

Yellow boats trip was one of the best and most enjoyable trip!! Lovely view of  Palm Jumeriah, Burj Al Arab, Marina!! After a long time had a wonderful adventurous trip. 

Lovely boat trip.. Sunset photo being my favorite photo!

Dubai mall and City Walk  always being the most happening place to visit or whether it be your Emirates Mall. Classic environment!! Shopping!! Best places for dining!! Numerous photographs clicked and many beautiful memories stored in eyes!! So much to share and show but I know can not display all photographs and my thoughts so putting them in collage!!

First two pics are of tribal restaurant!! Lovely African cuisine.. Other two pics of ice skating in Dubai mall !!
My favorite Dubai mall

Second part of trip beings in India!! Lovely time spend with family!! Where ever you are in the world but the best time spend with family is priceless!! Watching movies!! Visiting close relatives!!

Called my sister to pay me visit the same night I landed India!! No time to waste!! Very next day called my best buddy and met her after 2 long years!! Had so much to talk to her, along with complaints!! Ahh!! Endless talks!! Oh!!! Hope God could stop the time and say that these are your never ending vacations.

Couldn’t stop for the day when we had to visit my parents. Going to see them after 1 long year!! 😲 OMG! Glad to see lovely cake organised by my brother for his brother-in – law and sister!! Love you my best brother in the world!! An addition in family. Our pet brounie!! Was at the same time missing my Eric!! 😘😘😘 your pets are always your best buddies!!

She is so lovely and adorable that you cannot stop loving her!! Her favourite place to sleep is my bed room. Though she is the boss of the house 🏡 and sleeps where ever she wants to!! We call her black beauty!! She is th only one in house who is never going to avoid her daily schedule. Lying beautifully in Veranda and enjoying her sun bath!!

My darling brounie!! Sleeping in her favorite room!!

Playing numerous fun games, watching 5D shows filled with thrill!! Going for long walks and enjoying the beauty of nature!! In very step of your walk you meet people who know you so well!! Who are more keen to know how’s your life going!! For how many days have you come, do pay us visit and so on. Finally, got a chance to meet my school friend again!! Went for walk and remembered our days when we used to go early morning for cycling and skating.

Lovely nature view from my home!!

Coming back from home and last two days left in New Delhi. Oh God how time flies. It was just yesterday only when our vacations had started and now it was nearly to an end. After reaching Delhi we all paid a visit to Gurudwara!! What peace it gives you visiting the holy place and the beautiful environment makes you forget the 44 degree Celsius hotness!!

Bangla Shaib Gurudwara

Lovely time spend with family. Having chats with Mumma and Bade Mumma. Nothing it better than having lovely cup of tea with family and enjoying the jokes cracked by all!! Teasing and waiting for sister coming back from her office. I still remember early morning having fruits given by mum and than enjoying all three meals with family!!

Going out for shopping and having lovely black currant ice cream 🍦!! Yummy our favourite flavour !! Gol Gappe, Chole Bhautra, Dhai Vadha, Masala Dosa!! All those mouth watering food we enjoyed!!  Many more yummy food we had!! Oh I am already missing home again😒. 

Already missing Indian cuisine

 How could I forget lovely time spend with my sister in law. Tickling her and laughing and in full mood of fun and masti. It was late at night and  yet the atmosphere of the house was as if it was morning. Brother, sister and me had so much fun that we forgot that she had to go to office in the morning. She is truly a little angel who makes everyone laughs and you would love to pamper her like kid.

Finally, our  last get together dinner came 😒😒. The moment was emotional as the sense of vacations getting over made us feel upset but keeping the feelings aside for a moment- lovely gifts given by Mumma and sister. Eyes filled with tears because goodbye is always difficult to say.

We all went out for dinner. Ordered more than we could eat!! Lovely desert kulfi fuluda, Gulab Jamun, Firni. Mouth watering dishes. But the most important moment  was the time spend with family. Was missing papa on lovely family get together!!

It’s not about how many places you visit in your vacations and add it to your diary  but it’s about with whom you spend the time and create beautiful memories. For us every year these 20 days are like strength and believe to meet everyone again and have fabulous time once again.

48 thoughts on “Long waited holidays!!

      1. Yes going next month!! Cant wait. You are right… tough decisions! I couldn’t go due to some reasons and now it will be 7 months when i visit next month! 😔🙄

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  1. My dear Tanu, It seems that every breath that you take, exhales your true and lovely inner self …..that gets beautifully painted on the canvas as your ‘articles’ !

    Something very peculiar that I admire about your writing is that you don’t just focus on one emotion at a time! Your emotions keep wandering from one to the other within the same writing! This makes your expression more natural and ‘hearty’ ! Dil hai ke maanta Nahin!!

    God bless you with happiness always. Keep your happiness on top, just like a rose bud that always remains on top of ‘you KNOW what!! Love. Papa

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  2. Beautiful post , wonderful clicks !!

    Dubai is FANTASTIC !! I went there in 2015 on family vacation & then summed up my out of world Dubai vacation experience here :

    Part 1 –

    Part 2 –

    As for my current wanderlust , well I visited a beautiful Hill station in north India recently . And here ‘s a short write up from my recently updated Travel Diary :

    My ‘With Family’ story of a near perfect Hill Station !!(Photograph based )

    Hope you find it interesting !! 🙂

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