Memories sweet and sour

Last day in Gmünd und Gmünder Fasching fest 😘😘

It’s been almost 2 years in Deutschland 🇩🇪 and my first homecoming but seems like it was yesterday when I had come to Gmünd. A beautiful start with new living of life but  28th Feb 2017 being my last day in town made me recall all the memories had here and at last enjoyed the local fest.

Where on arrival in Deutschland enjoyed the winters with my better half, hard to say good bye to my favourite town, but what can one do life goes on.. My beautiful home sweet home!! A complete beautiful town. Having best of everything..

Home sweet home 🏡
Home sweet home 🏡

What a beauty of the place I had stayed and visited. Couldn’t stop myself sharing it.. One always have an attachment for the first house where you stay.

The home nourished with love, care always gives you memories with variations in feelings. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the answer why it’s hard to detach with the place you are in love with.

Going for German classes and made lovely friends. Having coffee together and efforts to learn the new language, enjoying learning and speaking it..

Favourite place for dining, since I had it for the first time when had come to Deutschland and yesterday had a farewell party.

Columbia restaurant

Best part was that on 27th February I enjoyed the Fashing fest.. enjoyed the parade which was full of fun bringing smiles to the crowd. Great thing about the fest was that the crowd was recording the memories in their eyes instead of cameras specially the people of old age. Making you realise that memories created in mind are forever which can never be wiped off or stolen. To enjoy things one doesn’t need materialistic article to record in. Naturally, relished moments are always valuable more than anything..

We are not going to say goodbye to the place we are in love with because of the beautiful memories created and with a hope that we are going to meet again.

Surely going thank the place for giving a new start in life with new hopes and happiness since it’s the beginning of new chapter in life.

Thank you to the place who had been the important part in the journey of our life and acted as booster.

Life is full of colours leaving behind the imprint with beautiful fragrance of love and the lessons learned with few disappointments without which life is incomplete.

Isn’t it funny that nothing changes day by day but when you look back everything is different..

😇😇😇Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for beautiful future😇😇😇 thanking god for positive motivation for moving ahead with thumbs up in life..



11 thoughts on “Last day in Gmünd und Gmünder Fasching fest 😘😘

      1. Man, I think Czech is one of those countries people visit once and want to stay in forever – I’ve never been there myself though. How is it so far?

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      2. It’s a beautiful country specially Prague and where I am residing . From the place where I used to stay in Germany it was 5.30 hrs drive in car. Somehow I was quite settled in the town where I lived in Germany so found things more convenient . Undoubtedly it’s a beautiful country too!!

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