Memories sweet and sour

A Letter to my friend!!

Those were the days when we used to write letters to our loved ones. Had pen friends and an excitement of having p.o box friend. Here comes the birthday or friendship day and had exchanged number of cards either personally or by post.

It was a beautiful morning when I woke up with sweet sun rays coming inside my room, suddenly something comes into my mind and tells me to go through my stuff in my cupboard’s locker. As I opened the drawer one by one I picked out my precious stuff. Green House Captain batch, book marks, fountain pen-my father had gifted me. Suddenly my eyes goes to a bunch of cards and letters which bought a random smile on my face.

I started reading one by one the letters and cards. It reminded me of all the beautiful moments we shared with friends. Reading the collection made me feel that taking out time was not difficult, to share and express the important matters and feelings and the tears were rolling down my eyes.

Hi Tanvir,

How are you? I am glad to receive your letter. Sorry for replying late as I had my exams and pre board preparations were going on. How are your preparations for boards going on. After my exams I will be going to Mathura for vacations. I wanted to tell that have made a new friend in my neighbourhood and she almost resembles you. Hey why don’t you to plan your vacations here this time…………………………………………………………………………

With loads of love

Your loving friend


Opened the beautiful birthday, friendship day and New Year cards with alluring words. Though there’s everything around me but there’s absence of affection. Absence of coziness in the materialistic world.
Though not in paper this time but wish to write you a letter again. Missing a friend who’s been not only a partner in crime but a friend who’s there when I need at odd hours.


My dear bestie,

Days cannot be called back again where we had spend beautiful time together, but wanted to tell how important and lovely friend you are. Sometimes you are not able to express in as person, even to your bestie, so I m writing it to you the letter to say for me.

You are a beautiful person from inside as well outside, who know’s me better than myself. Being with you, is being myself where I don’t have to pretend being someone which I am not. We aren’t able to spend much time together as we want to, but when we are together, it’s as we have never been apart. Love you for listening to my troubles and standing beside me when I need you the most. Often had fights when we had different opinions but always came to an amicable solution. Love you as person who you are, living life in your terms. Miss the days when we had walked together and had last longing chit chats. Though not near but having a word with you makes your presence.

I am lucky to have you dear friend than anyone can have.

With loads of love


😊😊😊😊 “Just remember if we are caught, you are deaf and I cannot speak English”😊😊😊😊

Friendship is just a word, talking about us needs no explanation and is beyond words of expression..


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