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Beauty of Indian Culture from my eyes!!

Indian culture and traditions are known all over the world. The beauty of India being diverse and unique. In this beauty going to introduce to you to few culture and traditions which the outsiders often find fascinating!! Many traditions have been introduced in Ancient India and are been followed since then. Having its own significance and meaning!!

1. Namaste:

Namaste, Namaskar, Namastey, Namaaskara the most popular way to greet mentioned in “Vedas“, which literary means “I bow to you” and greetings by folding palms placed before your chest means “may our minds meet”. Signifing to keep the ego aside in the presence of each other.

2. The Science behind Temples:

Most of the temples are located near wave lines of the Earth, which helps in maximising the positive energy. Going to holy places gives a positive energy and mind, which in turn gives a healthier life.

Taking out footwears before entering the holy places means that you are leaving the dirt outside entering a cleansed and pure environment.

3. Religious Symbols:

It’s a spiritual and iconic symbol in Sikhism. Relating to soul and ultimate reality of the universe. Ik Onkar means there is one god maker of the universe. Ik Onkar plays a very prominent role in Mul Mantar. (Om) iconic and prominent symbol in Hinduism. Where every religion have a significant meaning of the beautiful word.

4. Atithi Devo Bhavah 

Atithi Devo Bhavah” the saying is very integral part of the Indian culture. The meaning of the saying is ” the guest is equal to God”. In India guests are always welcomed and there’s dynamic relationship between the host and the guest.

5. Always a festive season 

Best part of India is it’s Diversity feature. Having different religions and cultures we have a privilege to enjoy different festivals. Where Hindus celebrate Diwali, Holi , Makar Sakaranti, Muslims celebrate Eid, Sikh celebrate Baisakhi, birthday of their Gurus, Christian celebrate Christmas . The list is too long. I might me missing many main festivals. Not only the festivals we celebrate as a nation but are number of festivals and customs in respective states. One of my favourite festival is of a Maharashtra state is “Ganesh Chaturthi”.

6. Joint Families 

of two or more generations living together is a beautiful culture of our country. Where families living together enjoying and sharing the happiness and sorrows together. Helping and finding solution for the problems. Standing and supporting the families in every move.

7. Indian Ethinic Wear

Indian Women often wear saris. It’s a long cloth and requires no stitching. It’s easy and a comfortable wear. An elegant dress etiquette. Along with this Salvar Kameez is to an ethnic wear of women in India.
Where men wear Kurta Pajamas and in the ceremonies Sherwani for Indian men of all religions.

8. Kalbeila folk dance and songs of Rajasthan 

Kalbeila are actually untouchables in Rajasthan who live in outskirts of the villages. They are the community who are actual snake charmers. They consider cobras to be scared and carry them around in cane baskets with their Poongi- musical instrument. They are known for sensuous dancing. I glad that this tradition is in the UNSECO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

There exists thousands of traditions, few of them leave the outsiders curious. 














The essence of the Indian society and traditions had always been well mannered polite, respect and lovable to all..

Would make efforts to find more beautiful culture and traditions of my motherland and near time would share in my post.

To be continued…

26 thoughts on “Beauty of Indian Culture from my eyes!!

  1. The fear of losing this fears me more inside when i see the outside world….i love my country but its disappearing day by day…i m just too proud of it…y to be modern? Dis olways be my question…modernity shud cm in thots nt in values….nt in our culture or tradition…alot to say but hardly anyone to bother to listen or understand dis thng

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well when you,I have a positive feeling towards our culture than there is no fear. What we think and feel will convey that to others. And yes you have got the word press as right platform to express your thoughts and make your opinion so strong to change the mind set of the people !!😊


      1. I agree…once if positivity surrounds us…..dere is no point of fearness…but still smwhere feeling of loosing our culture..our INDIAN culture…dat is our VIRASAT makes me anxious

        Liked by 1 person

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