The Gift of Magi😊

Beautiful short story written by O’Henry

 The story is about beautiful  young couple known as Jim and Della. The couple have a very little money and lives in a modest apartment. Between them they have two possessions which they take a pride : Della’s beautiful long, flowing hair, almost touching her knees and Jim’s shinning gold watch,which belonged to his father and grandfather.


After paying all house bills Della was left with only $1.87 in hand. Being Christmas Eve and she being desperate to give best gift to Jim. Della sells her hair for $20 to nearby by hairdresser and buys a beautiful platinum pocket watch fob chain for Jim’s watch for $21. With a beautiful smile and sense of satisfaction on her face she runs home and begins to prepare pork chops for dinner.

At 7 o’ clock, Della sits at the table near door waiting for Jim to come home. Unusually late, Jim walks in and immediately stops with short of words by seeing Della’s short hair, where Della prayed and she hopes he still finds her pretty. Della then admits to Jim that she have sold her hair to buy gift for him. Jim gives Della her gift 🎁 – an assortment of combs,  which of no use because of her short hair. Della admiring the costly gift which she wanted from a long time. Hiding her tears , then shows the fob chain she had bought for Jim,for which he replies in a sad tone that he had sold the watch to buy combs. Both quietly looking at each other, eyes filled with love and pain. Della smiles don’t worry Jim my hair grows very fast.

The gifts are compared to Magi or three wise men in bible who gives gifts to Christ Jesus. Because their gifts are gifts out of love and considered more wiser than Magi since their love was out of self sacrifice and value of self giving ❤️ love.

My views:

In today’s world where relationships are losing their value, this story have always inspired because if you see the gifts are now for no use for anyone but a realisation how far they were willing to show love for each other and how priceless their love is.

On the contrary if you be practical – where the couple are struggling for better livelihood and those two possessions were the only assets they had, they had unwisely sacrificed for each other. Even a thought 💭 for considerating special about each other on festiv eve is highly commendable.

I am in dilemma to decide whether the decision taken by them was correct or not. Thought I respect the love for each other, where in today’s materialistic world to will rarely see..


12 thoughts on “The Gift of Magi😊

  1. I read this story as part of my school curriculum. Thank you for sharing the story and refreshing my memory. Coming to your thoughts on appropriateness of their gifts, I think when giving gifts the word appropriate should not matter. Gift is a thought being exchanged in the form of an article. This thought should be paramount not the gift. The writer has shown love of each individual for each other. Such that they exchanged most valuable material possession each had, to please his / her friend. This itself is beautiful!

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