Memories sweet and sour

Memories down the lane!!

Love to recall the memories that often leave a smile on my face. I still remember my first day in Germany. Memories are still so fresh as if it was today. I see my husband waiting for me with a beautiful red rose, warm welcome and a sweet hug. Early morning greetings and a concern in its own way – wear the jacket before you catch cold.

I often tend to recall the sweet memories since they are my strength to move ahead in life. Friday’s were always special for me, as I saw someone special coming home with a sweet smile and a feeling of warmth. But 5th of August,2016 was special in its own way. Not only had I cleared my B 1 level of German language exam but a thousands of ton special smile on my Husband’s face, holding the most beautiful rainbow color flower. That evening was special for me since it was the most awaited and cherished company I wished to spend my time with.

Talking for hours with him. Hey you remembered the day we first met. One of the special moments , where we talked for endless time. This moment was a special one since it was a turning point in our life’s. Laughing on the conversation we had, specially how good we both were in Maths during school time. Often tease him when he forgets the date of engagement.


Everyone have a sweet childhood memories. Often these memories drain you to the past and wished you were a child again. I was always a naughty child. Troubled my parents as I never used to eat properly and a hyper active child. Coming back from Kindergarten and mom ready with juice and hot meal. Efforts made by her and I having juice with the help of a spoon.

Where mom sending hot meal in school and dad making efforts that we both brother and sister ate our food. Those were the days, wished we had never grown up. How could I forget ” The Parents Meeting Day ” and same statement in each meeting by teachers ” She is very talkative and can do much better “.

Every Sunday after having head bath we used sit in the living room, watching ” The Jungle Book ” and had breakfast. Often mom and dad talk about our childhood activities and laughed, specially how I used to pronounce the words. If I start expressing the naughtiness done by me and by my brother there will be no end to it.

Participation in the extra circular activities and various programmes. Trying to watch rehearsals of Annual Function so that we could skip classes. Eating food in middle of lecture and suddenly caught by the teacher. How could I forget the lovely Schools Trips and enjoying with friends. Thinking about these moments always brings smile on my face and wish could live those moments again.

This must be with all. Here comes the friendship day and all making friendship bands, secretly in class and not paying attention, since the day made us excited. Playing different games in Lunch Time, Independence Day, Sports Day and various other celebrations in School. Jam sessions and friends coming for night out at my home. Having late night coffee. From where we got so much energy don’t know. Here comes The Winter Vacations and eagerly waiting to go to grandparents house for three months.

When ever the summer comes my mother always remembers the time when we were regularly going for College Admissions. Finally, the day comes when mom and dad had to tell me goodbye. Tears rolling down my eyes since it was for the first time going to stay away from them.

How could I forget my first participation in Extempo  in my 1st year of graduation and scored 3rd position. Celebrating birthdays, giving and getting surprises. School and Graduation time is the best time to be cherished.

Life is so strange! When we are young then we eagerly wait to grow up and once we are matured enough to handle things in life we wished we could be child again.

Good times become good memories and bad times become good lessons.But I believe the bad memories need not to be thought over and over again as it gives you not only pain but also takes away the precious moment in one’s life to smile.

Very well said:

When we can’t laugh at a same joke couple of times that makes us smile which is worth a million then why do we mourn on bad incident over and over again that makes us not only disheartened but also drain our energy to work.

I still remember my last  job. Beginning was tough but when I started enjoying my work it is one of my favourite memories to be cherished. Biggest accomplishment is when your students still remembers you and ask for the guidance and help and considers you as their mentor. Beautiful surprise on my birthday by my lovely students to their favourite class teacher and beautiful cards given by them on my birthday and teachers day. When they message and say thank you for being wonderful teacher. We miss you . Please come back. At the same time I am happy and sad. Happy because at least have accomplished something in life where I was able to make difference and bought positive attitude in one’s life and sad since I really miss my work.

I think about the time spend with family is always the best. Entering into new life. I still remember my first day in my new house. Gathered all around by family members. Songs, lights and house filled with joy and fun. Warm welcome in its own way. I wish I could stop my favourite moments and live them all over again. I think of sweet time getting up in morning and lovely greetings with mummy, papa, bade mumma , my sister and not only I liked to be cuddled but also love to cuddle whom you love the most. I am often been called by new names and among all my favourite one is CHIDIYA . Always chirping like bird.☺️ I think bringing smile on ones face is biggest achievement especially in today’s hectic world.

Time is moving at its own pace but don’t know why it happens when you are having beautiful time it seems to be running. It seems to be yesterday only when Dad had visited us. Celebrated Christmas Eve and new year together. Wished to hold the time.
The best moments are that we don’t have the time to take pictures of them because we are busy living and enjoying them.
I still remember when I was a child and in evenings mom taking me for a walk but never used to hold my hand. The day she was not able to take me, she used to tell somebody at home. But no one was ready to take me. Because I was not in a habit of holding hand and being so naughty and  others were scared to get scoldings if I get hurt. Playing with dad when he used to come home and fights with brother as if we were of same age.

Love to live these memories over and over again especially childhood memories because the only problem we had ,that their were no problems. Shouldn’t try to hold the time. If I do so than how would I be able to live life with more memories to be cherished.

Happy times come and go, but the memories stay forever.

14 thoughts on “Memories down the lane!!

  1. I love this! I am a very sentimental person. My Dad passed away when I was a teenager and I’ve been lugging around his old cameras and tools and just yesterday I found his collection of old postcards! Such a trip down memory lane !

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